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Crochet Adds a New Dimension to Pillows

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Crochet Adds a New Dimension to Pillows

You probably already know that pillows are a quick, easy way to change the look of a room. Simply change the slip covers on your throw cushions and floor pillows to give the whole space an updated look or color palette. On New York Magazine’s “The Cut” fashion blog, they highlighted these fantastic crochet pillows from Area:

Want to make your own version? Click here to see the many different pillow patterns we offer on, from one with lacy crochet motifs (similar to the look above) to knit & felted pillows to a traveler’s neck-pillow.

Via The Cut.

Do you knit or crochet home decor projects? What do you make?

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  • I love to use stitched pillows and afghans to decorate my living room. I knit pillow covers with my knitting machine (using the complementary colors in the room). Then I use invisible stitch and embroidery on top of the knitted (chain stitches, French knots etc.) to embellish them. I also like to crochet appliques and flowers to add to them as well.

    • They sound beautiful. Do you have any pictures?? I used to use my knitting machines (all 3 of them) every day to make everything from double mittens, headbands, hats, sweaters and socks etc etc, until I had shoulder surgery. Since then I haven’t been able to use them, to my great dismay!! I really miss that.

      Keep on knitting!

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