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Crafty Crocheted Cocktails for National Daiquiri Day!

Happy Tuesday! Did you know that July 19th is National Daiquiri day? Did you know that the daiquiri is named after an iron mine in Cuba, and was likely invented by an American mining engineer? Did you know it was one of the favorite drinks of President John F. Kennedy and that normally well-behaved Ernest Hemingway was well known for his own variation of the Daiquiri? Neither did I! And now that I know, I still don’t really care!

It’s all an excuse to day dream on a Tuesday and post wonderful pictures of amazing, mouth watering yarn creations.


(Happy National Daiquiri Day! Only one of us is a Daiquiri!)

To celebrate, we’ve got a fantastic Strawberry Daiquiri by YouCute on Etsy! This pattern is totally worth getting. Just grab some Vanna's Choice in raspberry, scarlet, kelly green and crisp white!


(Psssst... I'm the Daquiri!)