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Crafty and Creative: Blogs That'll Keep You Craving for More

If you're a crafty person then you probably read a few different blogs during the week. Blogs can be inspirational, educational and just plain fun to read! I love when bloggers take the time to post with detailed pictures; who doesn't like eye candy? When it comes to yarn crafting, these are some of the blogs that definitely keep my attention (hopefully I can do another blog round up soon). From general crafting, to knitting and crocheting, these blogs might make you want to create something beautiful--or maybe adopt a pet!

Meet Melissa and Archie! I simply can't get enough of this blog. Melissa has the cutest little pug named Archie, and pug creations adorn her site. She knits, crochets and paints mostly animal related items. I absolutely adore her doggy sweater vests; stop by her site and check them out.
Crochet Everyday
Megan "the newlywed" is on a journey to completion. She posts a ton of new patterns, with a goal to create something for every pattern she's created by 2014. Megan primarily crochets, but she also sews and makes quilts. Oh--and in addition to picture/pattern posts, she does frequent giveaways!
Tammy Powley: The Crafty Princess Diaries
Welcome to the world of crafty Tammy, and meet her 4 cats (Coco, Chanel, Herbie and Lola) along the journey.  Tammy crochets, creates jewelry, does some knitting, and even experiments with looms.  To further help inspire, Tammy continuously posts links to other crafty websites.  I love to see her cats stuff themselves in cardboard boxes, adorable. Blog
Craft Magazine's blog, Craftzine, is what you would call- Awesome! Every day there is a new craft to try on your own.  This blog is a compilation of DIY crafts that range from embroidery, cooking, baking, sewing, yarncrafting... and the list goes on! You're sure to find something here no matter what your crafting status is; from beginner to advanced, you'll enjoy this blog!

a caffeinated yarn
I love the "homey" feel of this blog.  I feel like I should be cozied up on my couch with some hot cocoa when I read this. Jodi has a plethora of beautiful knit and crochet projects and even posts cooking recipes (including pics of her finished results).  I enjoy the pictures of her cats snuggled up in the home made blankets; they're so cute!
The Sweatshop of Love
If the bright colors of Allyson's blog don't catch your attention, her hip and modern pattern designs surely will.  Allyson creates lovely garments and fashion accessories with plenty of entrelac patterns.  She also posts amazing pictures from her travels which makes me want to visit some of the places she's mentioned. If you enjoy knit-alongs, definitely give this blog a try, as she has done quite a few.

I'm always interested in finding new blogs; unfortunately I couldn't list all of the ones I like, so hopefully I shall return with more listings. Have you, or do you read any of the blogs mentioned? What do you like to read? Share your thoughts!

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