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Crafting Trends That Are Big on the Internet

The internet gives us a lot of things -- communication, information, the ability to anonymously argue with strangers at all hours -- and one of the gifts we have gotten from the magic of the web is a new way to share and spread trends. These can be trends in any field, of course, but social media is especially great for the quick dissemination of fun crafting ideas.

Thanks to sites like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, a creative crafter can post something new and innovative and see it go completely viral, spreading around the world in a matter of days, hours, or even less.

In recent months, we've seen a few techniques and ideas positively explode all over the crafting corner of the internet.

Bun/Ponytail Hats

I made the hat and the child 😉#crochet #bunhat #yarn #lionbrandyarn

A photo posted by Tisha's Stitches (@tishasstitches) on

Ponytail/bun hats are inescapable right now. If you look through the knitting and crochet parts of social media (or our Community Gallery), they're all you're going to see. For good reason: if you have long and/or curly hair, it can be hard to make a regular hat work. These let you play with cute designs and keep your 'do intact.

Crocodile Stitch/Dragon Scales

#crocodilestitch #dragon #gauntlet #mitts #fingerlessgloves #fingerlessmitts #lionbrandyarn #crochet #imadethis

A photo posted by Hilary Fields (@hillymeg) on

Crocheters across the web were using crocodile stitch to make unique dragon scale projects. They were seen the most in gloves, but also showed up in hats, shawls, hoods, and bags. If you can crochet it, you can crochet it in crocodile stitch.

If you would like to copy this trend, try our Crocodile Stitch Wrist Warmers or Crocodile Stitch Hat.

Planned Color Pooling

Planned color pooling is huge, and while crocheters swear it isn't too hard to do, to a lot of us it looks like sorcery. Blogger Sewrella made a tutorial for us a few months back, and it has been one of our top blog posts ever since!

Temperature Blankets

We've written about temperature blankets a couple of times now, and it's because they're such an ongoing trend! Especially at the beginning and end of each year, you see tons of posts from people who are either just finishing or just starting their blankets. They're a fun year-long project, and great heirloom pieces.

Knit-Look Crochet


If you're a crocheter who likes the look of knitting, you don't have to frantically learn a new craft (though there's nothing wrong with being multi-talented!). Knit-look crochet is a really cool trend, where crocheters create garments that -- you guessed it -- resemble knitting. There are a lot of really cool patterns out there that will let you achieve this look.

What crafting trends have you seen around the internet? Have you decided to make any of them?

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  • http://www.sewcriscroche.weebly.com sewcriscroche

    Awesome article! I might try making one of these. One trend that I've seen is crocheted baskets. I haven't made any yet but hope to soon.

  • Carol Zito

    Crocheted virus shawls were big for a while.

  • Neragena crafts

    Of all the crafting trends I like temperature blanket the best. It's great idea for newborn gift or baby shower. Imagine having blanket of temperature when you were born or when momy was expecting you. I just think it will be great gift.

  • Dan Themanfan

    "knit look crochet": knitting is so easy, just learn to knit!!! I do both, and learned knitting after I learned crochet. Any garment made with crochet is way too thick, bulky, and just does not look "right". Why try to make a "looks like" when you can make the real thing?