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Crafting For Kids! Our new ‘Made by Miriam’ series.

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Crafting For Kids! Our new ‘Made by Miriam’ series.

We are so excited to introduce the newest face of the Lion Brand Community! Meet Miriam. She’s a 13-year-old tween who caught the crafting bug! Miriam hosts our new series, ‘Made by Miriam’, perfect ideas for crafting for kids! She loves everything DIY. Whether it’s finding time to craft and forget the worries of homework, or making the perfect focal point for your room, she’s got you covered. We’re thrilled to have her in the Lion Brand fam!

Meet Miriam

From French knitting, to crochet, to pom pom rugs, she is going to have you in stitches! Her #1 piece of advice for new crafters is to start off simple. Don’t get overwhelmed by big projects right away! She shows just how easy it is to craft something fun! Her videos demo coasters, hats, and an Instagram-able wall hanging. If you’re new to crafting, or know a young person who might love making things, ‘Made by Miriam’ is the series to watch!

Crafting for kids just got cooler.

Pom Pom it Up

Pom Pom makers are a super-easy way to add some personality to any project! She worked with our Vanna’s Choice & Hometown USA to create different textures & sizes for her poms. Miriam has some great gift ideas, as well, so if you’re looking for something to make for a friend, pom it up!

Beginner Knit Cowl

Miriam cast on one of our super-fun One & Done Kits, and came up with this funky cowl! She brought her kit on vacation, and it was the perfect travel project. She’ll talk you through everything that comes with the kit, and recommends it for even a beginner knitter. She was surprised by how well it turned out!

Easy French Knitting

Some fabulous French knitting suggestions from Miriam, who used our French knitting tool available from Lion Brand. It’s a great option for crafting while relaxing watching TV, no need to follow a pattern. Lots of cute gift options are possible in this French knitting style. A very fun rainy day activity.

Here’s a link to our cute French Knitter!

Slouch Potato Hat

Miriam crocheted one of our Lion Brand One & Done Kits, and she loved it! Even though she’s not the most experienced crocheter, it was easy to pick up the skills for her pattern. She even utilized our Lion Brand skill videos to learn a few things! She shares about her struggles getting her hat to take shape, and how she figured it out!

Spice Up Your Room

All the information you need to make a super-cool wall hanging for your room! What color would you choose?

Find Time for Fun

This savvy young lady encourages young people to enjoy their time away from social media. While school can take over your life, when you do find time for fun, make it crafty! Crafting doesn’t have to be serious or time-consuming; Miriam makes crafting for kids easy. Take a break from all the hustle, and relax and let your worries go. Her videos keep it simple, so you can focus on the fun. Check her out! Subscribe to our Youtube channel, and don’t miss her next DIY.

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