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Crafter Stories: A New Feature on the Blog

Michelle with her bagA few weeks ago, I was riding the subway on my way home, and I was working on my office, post-holiday gift-exchange project (pictured right with its recipient, Michelle). Hunched over my project, I crocheted the fabric lining into its cable knit shell. As I reached the end of my round, I reached into my bag, and lo—

No toolbox to be found. Which meant no scissors.

Just then, I looked up and I began to notice my fellow passengers. (Often, when I’m crocheting or knitting on the subway, I don’t look up much at all.) Across the subway car from me, was a fellow yarncrafter, knitting a yellow creation on DPNs. My heart fluttered with joy.

“Excuse me,” I hesitated. She didn’t look up at first.

“I’m sorry to interrupt—do you have a pair of scissors? I can’t find mine.”

She looked up, a little surprised. Then she smiled, “I don’t have scissors, but I do have this.” She reached into her bag and passed me a yarn cutter pendant.

“Perfection.” I cut my yarn and wove in the end. My gift project was finished.

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  • forgot my scissors on a flight recently while working on a project with multiple pieces. i ended up chewing through the yarn several times (and then trimming those mangled ends off later. 🙂

  • I love that product, I’m ordering one now, I mean it!!! And I (many times) fly on planes and I take along my favorite crochet projects then I can’t bring my scissors! I love the Clover brand a lot too (I’m not going with Clover Lion brand!) and AIRPLANE safe!!! Can’t beat it!
    ~Olivia Harris~

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