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Craft Through the 7 Wonders of the Yarn World - Next Stop: Granny Squares!

As we continue on the journey of The 7 Wonders of the Yarn World – a spectacular series of handmade, yarncrafted sculptures by fiber artist Nathan Vincent – our next stop is an exploration of the beautiful motifs of granny squares. The 6th yarn wonder in our collection features a small scale Great Wall of China, assembled with hundreds of granny squares to compose the wall itself and the hilly landscape it sits on.

Nathan Vincent's sculpture of the Great Wall of China; model wearing Granny Square Coat

Sometimes thought of as old-fashioned, granny squares are experiencing a revival of sorts and being refashioned into numerous different styles and shapes. In fact, you’ll find they’re quite popular in “hippie-inspired” spring and summer collections. Granny squares, which are crocheted, can be formed into different shapes like hexagons, flowers and stars. Crocheting a granny square motif is done by crocheting in multiple rounds from the center starting point, moving outwards.

The granny squares created in the Granny Square Coat pictured above are a harmonious blend of jewel tones found in our color-changing yarn Unique. The modern construction of this granny square jacket is slightly oversized and cozy, making it ideal for pairing with skinny or bootcut jeans and a basic top. Check out more granny square fashions below!


sevenwondersgrannyvannaspalettesModern Granny Hat and
Modern Granny Scarf
sevenwondersgrannysweaterartfullyaskewGranny Raglan Pullover and
Artfully Askew Afghan
SevenWondersPicnicBlanketSparkly Granny Cap and
Hexagon Fireworks Picnic Blanket


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