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Do You Have a Craft-Related License Plate?

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Do You Have a Craft-Related License Plate?


Traveling for business is not always as glamorous as it seems. There can be down time on the road and it is up to me to keep myself entertained. While I have many interests to keep me occupied, one thing I like to do in particular is to hunt for personalized license plates. When possible I will even snap a picture of the ones that catch my eye, especially when they relate to yarn! Here are some of my favorite shots.


Do you have a knitting/crochet/yarn themed license plate?

I’d love to see it. Leave a photo in the comments to show off your crafter’s pride!

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  • I have a plate that ends in QYW. To remember it I think, “Quilt Yellow”

  • Mine is DRSSMKR. It used to be “DRSMKR” but people kept asking me, “Doctor… what? Doctor Smoker?” But “DRSSMKR” was taken. Finally after several years, whoever had DRSSMKR gave it up, so I registered it. Now I hope people will realize it’s DRESSMAKER and stop asking me what kind of doctor I am!

  • Yes, my vanity license plate reads, “CROCHET.” I also sport crocheted head-rest covers that match the color of my car, ATOMIC GOLD!

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