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November Trends & How To Craft Them

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November Trends & How To Craft Them

As we gear up for our holiday crafting, the options can seem overwhelming! One of the best ways to find that perfect idea is to tap into what’s on trend. So, we’ve gathered all the hottest November trends and put them together in one list! For all the latest themes, color palettes, and even celebrity inspo, check out our list below.

November Trends & Lion Brand’s Take

The three trends we’re focusing on this month are warm minimalism, brightly-colored nostalgia, and metallic party glamour. These trend ideas are all inspired by Etsy’s holiday trend forecast, which you can read in full here. Here are some of our inspo images for these November trends:

Minimalist, But Warm It Up

The Hygge trend you know & love isn’t going anywhere this holiday season, but it is heading in a more minimalist direction. Rich, creamy neutrals have always been an element of cozy Hygge style, which is why we so often see over-sized off-white throws and pillows. This year, we’re paring it all down. The color palette will stay mostly creamy, but we’re adding soft grays, and subtle hints of Scandinavian-inspired hues, like quiet red, forest green, and blue. You’ll find a lot of these warm minimalism color trends in Two of Wands designs, which you can see here on Instagram. You can also see her six newest kits in our recent blog post!


Here are three beautiful hats that perfectly embody the warm minimalism of this November trend. The Lacework Hat Pattern (Knit), Gretchen’s Easy Tam Pattern (Knit), and our Striped Cable Hat Pattern (Knit) all feature a creamy base color with pops of charcoal gray. Plus, they’ll be fairly quick projects that will make a big impact when gifted this holiday season.

All these three hand warmers also epitomize the pops of color of this pared-down Hygge style. If you’re thinking of a small gift, then the Striped Sleeves (Knit), Toasty Knitted Mittens Pattern, or Norwegian Wristers Pattern (Knit) would be ideal.

Around the House

In addition to being lovely for accessories, this warm minimalist vibe is also lovely for home decor. All of these three pieces are not only beautiful but functional: the Chevron Felted Pillow Pattern (Knit), Midland Basket (Crochet) and Loom Woven Tonal Pillow.

Warmth To Wear

If you’re inclined toward a larger project, then any of these three patterns might interest you. They each feature different variations of the color accents we’ve mentioned, but have that class Hygge base. The Cozy Collared Pullover (Knit) works up in two different yarns, which create that subtle neutral color pop. Then, there’s the Minerva Super Scarf (Knit), which works in many different neutral hues for a stunning effect. Lastly, the Seaside Kimono Cardi (Knit) is a perfect cozy layer that will become a favorite.

Bright Nostalgia

Another fun trend we’re seeing this season is major color in classic holiday decor. Bright Nostalgia is one of the November trends that will easily carry us through the holidays, but it’s brilliant to get a head start. You’ll want to choose patterns with a classic Christmas style, which will invoke that tender nostalgic vibe, but choose saturated solids to work them up in.

These classic holiday shapes would look especially fresh in bright color choices. Plus, you can mix and match the shapes once you’ve decided on a unifying color palette! Choose just the Wrapped Star Ornaments Pattern (Crafts), Crocheted Finial Ornaments, or Puffy Snowflake (Crochet), or make all three.

The Yarn Crafted Ornaments (Crafts) are actually exactly the color palette we’re thinking of for this trend! Use it as your inspiration, and apply it to the Temari Ball Ornaments (Crafts) or the Fair Isle Felted Ornament (Knit). It’s amazing how much a style changes with a new color palette.

Here are just a few more classic holiday shapes, from bottle brush trees to wrapped presents. While it might seem a tad outrageous, we promise these Glitter Trees (Crafts), Holiday Box Ornaments (Knit) and Balsam Fir Decoration (Crochet) will be extra-cute in brighter tones.

Metallic Glamour

The third of the November trends we want to mention is metallic glam. Do you have a sparkly fiber in your stash that you’ve been hesitant to use? Or a pattern for a party accessory that never seems quite right to start stitching? Well, nows the time. Not only will there be plenty of holiday parties in the next few weeks to give you plenty of opportunity to show them off, you’ll help create the party vibe by dressing for the event. Mixed metallics will also be very on-trend, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

These three toppers are a bit more delicate, and would be appropriate over even something more formal for a holiday party this season. The Knit Sparkling Shrug Pattern (Knit) has that multiple mixed metals look we’re really curious about this season, which is very eye-catching. Our Glittery Shrug (Crochet) focuses on a more golden hue, which would make it a lovely piece to wear with any holiday look. Or for a piece with even more variety, check out our Sparkle Shawl (Crochet).

Now for some toppers that are a bit more substantial, any of these three would do. The Glamour Jacket Pattern (Knit), Lush Ribbed Pullover Pattern (Knit), or Golden Honey Shrug (Knit), are lovely and comfy enough to wear as your main holiday look this year.

Will You Be Crafting These Trends?

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you’ll be indulging in these crafting trends! While trend-casting isn’t an exact science, it’s certainly a fun way to explore new crafting ideas we maybe wouldn’t have noticed before. But whether you explore a new crafting trend, or stick with a favorite pattern or project, one of the longest-lasting trends is that handmade is always more beautiful.

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