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Coney Island Comes to Manhattan

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Coney Island Comes to Manhattan

Those of you who guess Coney Island on the Studio Window Sneak Peak blog were correct!  Here is a picture of the Lion Brand Yarn Studio‘s Coney Island window:

This fabulous knitted, crocheted, and yarncrafted creation is a wonderful way to celebrate NYC in the summer.  Click here to see some of the cool details (like a finger puppet bride and seagull eating french fries).

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  • yay, it’s fun to “win”! i guessed right ~ Yippee!

  • That is awesome! You have some incredibly talented crafters! I’m so impressed!

  • Ah memories! Summers on the beach. That clown face-the few times I went to Steeplechase Park, My husband’s grandfather worked there. Hot dogs and fries from Nathan’s what a treat. Childhood was childhood back then. Looking at the window I can smell the ocean, the beach AH.

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