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Community Spotlight: Not Just for Scarves

Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we'll be showing you highlights from our Community Gallery. To be featured in the gallery, simply post a picture of your Lion Brand creations to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lionbrandyarn. We'll be choosing some of our favorites to post to the blog.

Have you used Scarfie? It's a category 5 yarn that comes in several beautiful ombre shades and has enough yardage to make a scarf from a single ball.

But it's not just for scarves! We've seen lots of fantastic non-scarf Scarfie projects in the Community Gallery -- hats, gloves, ponchos, blankets, socks, even a dog sweater -- and it's time to give them a little love, too.

#crocodilestitch #dragon #gauntlet #mitts #fingerlessgloves #fingerlessmitts #lionbrandyarn #crochet #imadethis

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Hey, look what I made! #ameliaponcho #lionbrandyarn #scarfie #ravelry

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