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Community Spotlight: Catch the Virus

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Community Spotlight: Catch the Virus

Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we’ll be showing you highlights from our Community Gallery. To be featured in the gallery, simply post a picture of your Lion Brand creations to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lionbrandyarn. We’ll be choosing some of our favorites to post to the blog.

Sometimes, a single pattern or style will spread across the internet like wildfire. Take the ponytail/bun hat, for instance. Or the dragon scale gloves. Or, the so aptly named Virus Shawl, which has made its way through the crochet world like, well, a virus.

The pattern originates with the German Woolpedia, and it calls for a lightweight yarn, but it can be made in practically anything. It looks wonderful in both solid and color-changing yarns, as well.

One yarn that works great for the Virus Shawl is Shawl in a Ball® (which is 20% off through March 9). The color changes are subtle and look great with the stitch pattern, and it’s light enough to make an airy, floaty garment. The metallic colors are especially nice, adding a touch of sparkle that doesn’t overwhelm the piece.

Of course, other yarns will work as well. As this shawl has come through the Customer Gallery, we’ve seen it made several ways. Scarfie® and Landscapes® are both heavier yarns with color changes that look nice and make a larger piece. If you’d like something more solid, try Heartland® or 24/7 Cotton®.

Virus in a Ball

A Virus shawl, not quite done, but getting there. #shawl #crochet #lionbrandyarn #shawlinaball

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Try Something Else

Virus shawl, completed last winter in Lion Brand Landscapes Desert Spring and Sage #lionbrandyarn #virusshawl

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