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Community Spotlight: Bun Hats

Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we'll be showing you highlights from our Community Gallery. To be featured in the gallery, simply post a picture of your Lion Brand creations to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lionbrandyarn. We'll be choosing some of our favorites to post to the blog.

Bun Hats

We've noticed there's a new trend in town: bun hats. They're like any regular hat, but with one unique feature: they have an opening at the top for a bun or ponytail to stick out. If you have long hair, especially if it's thick or curly, this can be a great way to give your coif room to breathe while still keeping your head warm. No more choosing between a cute handmade hat and your 'do, because now you can have both.

Bun hat I made for myself last night #messybun #crochet #lionbrand #landscapes #loveit

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