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Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #2: Making the Back & Changing Colors

CALbadgeHi everyone! I’ve been very impressed by all the pictures I’ve seen of your projects so far and so many great color combinations!

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Making the Back & Changing Colors

This week I worked on the back of my cardigan. To avoid having to weave in all those ends, I had planned to carry the colors up the side and hide them in the seaming process, but I found that having 5 balls of yarn attached to my project at all times drove me a little crazy! So instead I decided to weave the ends in as I crocheted, hiding them by holding the ends of the new and old colors together on the WS of the work and crocheting over them as I made the stitches. Now all I’ll need to do is snip off the ends when I’m finished. This is my favorite method of hiding ends for crochet, especially for color-work.

Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #2: Making the Back & Changing Colors | Lion Brand Notebook

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The cardigan has an A-line shape that gets narrower towards the top. I love the way the decreases are positioned so that the space between the vertical lines of the post stitches gets smaller, exaggerating the flare of the sweater. I found it helpful to count my stitches after finishing the row after the decrease row, as I would sometimes add stitches by mistake by going into the top of the stitches that had been decreased more than once. If you are having this difficulty (and even if you’re not) I would recommend placing a stitch marker where the decreases are—it makes it much easier to keep track of where you are.

Colorfully Modern Cardigan Crochet-Along #2: Making the Back & Changing Colors | Lion Brand Notebook

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Pro tip: When shaping for the armholes and shoulders, I always worked the very first and last stitch as a single crochet, even if it is a post stitch in the pattern. This is just to make the seaming process a little neater later on.

I also made the pocket linings. This part was great for crocheting in front of the TV as there were no post stitches, color changes or shaping.

[Editor's Note: Some of you have asked about the color of the lining matching up with the design of the sweater. Since the linings go inside the pockets, the pocket linings will not be visible from the outside. We've designated the color based on the yarn quantities available.]

I look forward to seeing how you are all progressing so keep the pictures and comments coming!

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