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Colorful, Comfortable Cotton-Ease

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Colorful, Comfortable Cotton-Ease


It’s no fun when a company discontinues your favorite product (Loreál- I’m looking at you. I still want Le Grand Curl Waterproof Black Mascara back). When we discontinued Cotton-Ease a lot of people were upset. The internet/blog world was grieving the loss of this washable cotton-blend yarn. Campaigns to keep Cotton-Ease began immediately after the announcement that it was being discontinued, emphasizing the “cry of dismay from knitters of all types that this wonderful, washable, basic yarn is being pulled from the shelves.”

We consistently heard from so many people upset about the discontinuation of Cotton-Ease that after a just short period without it, we decided to re-introduce it in an updated color palette. Now, it’s more versatile than ever with the same great quality yarn and variety of colors. The internet is once again buzzing about Cotton-Ease, but this time rejoicing that it’s back. Kryssa on Ravelry summed Cotton-Ease up perfectly: “This is soft, easy to knit with, available in lovely colors and washable. It is wonderful for wearing next to the skin and knits up really well.”

And if words aren’t enough, your projects say a thousand words. You guys are making all sorts of thing—baby clothes, sweaters, bibs, blankets big and small, even washcloths, toys, and hats.

But don’t think that cotton yarn is just for summer! Cotton-Ease is great for transitional fall layering pieces, especially for kids who like to run around outside, jumping in piles of leaves and splashing in the rain. You can also knit Cotton-Ease along with another yarn for warm weather versatility, like with the Cascading Colors Baby Blankie or The Wonderful Wallaby. But don’t limit yourself to children’s garments; a Cotton-Ease cardigan is a great “back of the office-chair” sweater year round. Some office building crank the AC so high in summer, a cotton sweater is essential to keeping comfortable. And if your building is anything like ours, in an old radiator-heated NYC building, winters can be too hot for anything heavier than cotton. Any of these will warm you up without overheating, and add a jolt of color to your work wardrobe.

What do you use Cotton-Ease for? Show and tell everyone in the comments!

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  • I love Cotton Ease for all the reasons stated in this article, but could you make Cotton Ease in a sport weight, too? That’s the only improvement to the product I can recommend. Great. Yarn.

  • I LOVE Cotton Ease…it is my go-to yarn for anything that needs great washability. I would love for more colors, though. I know you have introduced more colors recently, but would love for some of the old colors to come back, as well as more adult colors. Dark brown, a darker red color would be great, navy, maybe a good tan….lots of children’s colors. I will be a long-time buyer, I assure you, but Cotton Ease needs about a bazillion more colors!

  • I love cotton-ease! It has the greatest texture!

    I’m planning on crocheting up a bag out of it, I’m just debating the color…

    thank you for bringing it back!

  • I love the elephant bib! Is that pattern available? It’s adorable and I’d love to make it for a few babies that will be arriving in the next few months. Please share the pattern if you can!

    Zontee says: Hi Aurora, please contact suzyknitz on Flickr, whose picture that is, directly to ask her about the pattern.

  • I love Cotton-Ease. This line, easily, has some of the best colorways out of all the Lion Brand yarns. Here is my favorite of the items I’ve designed that uses Cotton-Ease:

    With the new colorways, I’ll have to make more! 😀

  • I love cotton-ease too!!

  • I love cotton ease. Thanks for bringing it back. Love the washcoth mentioned here. Where can I get the pattern?

    Zontee says: Hi Karen, please contact DonGinzu on Flickr, whose picture that is, directly to ask about the pattern. For more bath patterns, search “bath” on!

  • I have made 4 sweaters for myself from Cottonease. (Wonderful Wallaby, Dollar and a Half Cardigan, basic top down v-neck, and February Lady) It is my favorite yarn of all time. Thanks for bringing it back.

  • I adore cotton ease! The colors are great! the price and texture are perfect. I have 2 projects using it on the needles now and more in my queue.

    I second the requests for more grown up colors (Ivory, or natural please!) and also a sport or dk weight… but maybe only a limited color pallet would be necessary (lt blue, pink, yellow, natural…) so I can make Unmentionables (from and really light weight summer tops.

  • I really like this yarn for use in my children’s clothing line. It is soft, resilient and washes well.Check us out on my website.

  • I’m happy that it is back! I love it’s softness. I would love to see lion brand come out with a cotton based sock yarn, with the same qualities as Cotton Ease too.

  • I crocheted a kimono in Cotton-Ease. In humid Miami, I look for cotton-blend yarns, and I’m glad to have Cotton-Ease. I, too, would love to see a DK and even a sock-weight version, so I could do denser crochet stitches with it.

  • I adore Cotton-Ease. This year I decided to knit all my Christmas presents. I started in the summer, and have already made a mermaid costume for my daughter, a stuffed monster for my son, and a striped scarf for my brother all in Cotton-Ease. With the remainder, I decided to knit coffee cup cozies for all my friends. This is a yummy, yummy yarn.

  • I Am heartbroken over the discontinuing of two staples of my yarn collection – I am desperately looking for more Chenille thick and quick in Scarlet Red and Chocolate Brown!!!

    Can anyone help me?
    Lion Brand – Please bring back these colors!!!

    Zontee says: Hi Lauri, for discontinued colors, try websites like, where there are forums for knitters and crocheters to trade and look for yarns. You can also always try eBay, where a lot of people have been able to find discontinued LBY yarns.

  • By the way – see my comment above regarding my favorite yarn – and check out my gorgeous creations with it on my website for Couture Children’s Clothing

    Thanks for looking and I appreciate any help you can give me on finding these yarns.

  • I was wondering if anyone knows if the yarns are going to be tested as per CPSC law regarding testing for lead. This law requires any items that are being marketed for children be tested. I know the yarns are not marketed to children, but many users are using the yarns to make children’s items. With these new requirements for children’s products, it’s important to know if the materials are pre-tested. If not, those of us who may make items to market for children will have to do the testing ourselves and this would be detrimental to all home-based businesses who cannot afford this type of expense.

  • I to would like to know about the lead testing! Lion Brand will notices a loss in sales if they dont test because many of us spend a lot on their yarn but ONLY to resell items we made!

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  • Love, love, love cotton ease……..wish there were more colors 🙂

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