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Color of the Year for February: Antique

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Color of the Year for February: Antique

For February, Antique.

Paler pinks have become a staple in any good stylist’s palette, and we’re infatuated with our particular hue: Antique. Pink has held our imaginations in some shade for several years. Rose gold captivated our eye, and we were #rosegoldeverything no matter the season. Then, in 2016, Pantone elevated Rose Quartz as one of its colors of the year. And whether we’re loving it or loathing it, Millennial Pink doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. What we love most about our Antique is its undeniably playful & feminine vibe, which feels fresh and nostalgic all at once.


L: Pink Happens Cardigan (Knit)
R: Saugerties Cowl (Crochet)

A Surprisingly Boyish History

Until the middle of the last century, pink was considered the go-to color for dressing little boys. Seen as a youthful variation of red, which invoked passion and strength, it was thought of as a more ‘decided’ color. Blue was viewed as prettier, more dainty, and therefore perfect for dressing little ladies. Babies wore white until after the 1940’s, when a chemical was added to the dying process that made colors fast for baby clothes (which endured endless washings). Some fashion historians believe that Eisenhower’s 1953 inauguration marked the turning point, when his wife Mamie wore a dress in her favorite color. It must have been some gown!


Pink Happens Cardigan (Knit)

Why February?

While it seems effortless to align pink with St. Valentine’s month, we’ve got a yen for the complexity of Antique. In the portraits of the Rococo Period of the 1700s, women who wore pink were powerful: they had personality, they defied social norms, they were seductive, they broke rules. Men and women alike wore pink, in celebration of romance & decadence. Our pink is just a bit icy, and whether you choose a thick sweater or a lacy shawl, it’s a celebration of the colder months, which have a romance all their own.

Find your perfect hue.

Here’s a list of our loveliest Antique hues, a valentine to crafters looking for their perfect hue.



Our Antique Yarns

Check out this bevy of stunning stars, who are each maximizing their own shade of Antique.

Antique Kits, Knit & Crochet

From Our Fashion Shoot


L: Pink Happens Cardigan (Knit)
R: Saugerties Cowl (Crochet)

If you’re loving the looks pictured above from our Lion Brand fashion shoot, they are the Saugerties Cowl (Crochet) and Pink Happens Cardigan (Knit). The Cowl is a Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+) project, made with Touch of Alpaca, and it’ll be the epitome of simple elegance. This Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+) cardi works up in Baby Soft Boucle & Feels Like Butta, and it’ll be one of the softest garments you’ve ever worked!

Pink Pullovers

Two very different, equally lovely pullovers worked up in shades of Antique! The Bubblegum Pullover Sweater is a slightly bolder hue, and comes in sizes from XS-3XL. The weight of this crochet is Super Bulky, and it’s worked up in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, for dreamy winter vibes. The Cedar Hill Pullover has a high-lo hem, which is infinitely trendy, and works up in a subtler pink. You’ll be able to take advantage of our new Touch of Alpaca Bonus Bundles, as this pattern knits up in just 3 – which means fewer ends to weave in!

For Around The House

Two lovely crafts to add some Antique to your environment! The Cupcake Pillow Holder is a crochet kit that will add a little whimsy to any room. It’s an adorable birthday gift idea for any crafting sweet tooth – it’ll hold all your crafting supplies, while bringing a smile to your face. The Sweet Eyelet Afghan is a knit kit for a very cozy afghan. Another Touch of Alpaca Bonus Bundle project, this throw is a beautiful way to add Antique to your decor, while keeping it subtle.

Antique Scarves to Crochet

Three sweet crochet kits, for whatever scarf style you want to sport this season. The Parkway Scarf is a fun way to transition from our January Color, Vanilla, into February’s Antique! It’s designed by Tamara Kelly of Moogly, one of our fav designers. The At First Blush Triangle Scarf is a more significant statement accessory, with big fun pom details! It’s a surprisingly pattern, and after a few rows of puffs and dcs you’ll have it down pat. The Aurora Scarf is a beginner pattern, but it doesn’t look it! And it has an open weave that will take you through to (slightly) warmer weather.

A Tip from our Design Team

Pink can be feminine, powerful, playful, anything you want it to be.

Make it your own! Finding your take on a hue is what true style is all about. We hope our yarn list and kit suggestions get you thinking pink, and that you’re twitter-pated about incorporating this lovely color trend into your own unique style. If this is the color you’ve been waiting for, let us know what you’ll be crafting & wearing!

Written with Adina Klein, Creative Director at Lion Brand.

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