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Close to the Heart: It's All About Crochet

I sometimes feel crochet is closer to my heart than knitting. Maybe it’s because I was on the board of directors for the Crochet Guild of America for 4 years. Lion Brand even won the award for Most Crochet-Friendly Yarn Company given by the Crochet Liberation Front. Knitting is at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of yarn crafts. Even when discussing crochet, how many times have you heard the term “crochet needles”?

Crocheters use our products just as much as knitters and it is time to show them some love. If you haven’t noticed, crochet has been infiltrating the fashion industry more and more lately. I have seen it in department stores and on designer runways. It is not just for granny square afghans anymore!

I always compare knitting and crochet to cooking and baking. They are similar but different. Some people can cook, but not bake. Some people can bake but could not cook dinner to save their lives. Others can do both. If you are a knitter that wants to learn to crochet or a crocheter looking to find like-minded crafters, here is a list of local crochet chapters. If you are in the New York City area, why don’t you come to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio for a class?

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