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Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 4: Blocking, Seaming, Finishing!

CALIt's week four (4) of our Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along! It's not too late to join in get your CAL kit now! Choose from 4 color palettes curated by CAL host Kristy Glass! Click here to see all choices.


It’s time to finish the poncho!

I made both sides of my poncho in tandem.  Doing this helped me to keep my tension with both sides, VERY consistent.  If you did not do this and you have found that your two sides do not match completely, it may be necessary to block it before you sew it together.

Once you are ready to join the two sides together, I suggest laying it out on a flat surface. Using a measuring tape, find the 18” and 15” marks (as indicated in the pattern).  As a back up way of measuring, I also counted stitches up from the bottom-and made sure I counted the same on both sides up to the correct number on the measuring tape. I safety pinned the two sides together in the approximate spot I wanted to end the seam, (15” and 18”), and then I tried it on!

It is worth it to take this quick and easy step before seaming it up, so that you are certain you like where it’s going to lay.

Take a selfie! Don’t forget the back view too!

Once you have seamed it up, I suggest repeating this step so that you are certain you love where you chose to sew it up!  You will notice the 15” side is the front, to make more of a v neck in the front than the back.

Next it’s time to seam the sides!

I have double stitch markers (see photo) on the front so that while I am seaming, I keep track of which side is which.

I used the safety pin method here too.  Pinning it makes it easier to sew it together because the poncho is heavy and you are only sewing an inch together so it can be hard to hold it together.

Once you are all done, try it on and assess whether or not you need to do any further blocking. I love how mine turned out without blocking, so I started wearing it right away!

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