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Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 3: It's All in the Details

CALIt's week three (3) of our Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along! Don't have your color kit yet? Shop now! Choose from 4 color palettes curated by CAL host Kristy Glass! Click here to see all choices.

As you get further into this project, I want to impart some wisdom that I have learned along the way.

If you are still undecided on which colors to purchase for your poncho, here are a few color combinations of 24/7 Cotton that didn’t make the cut for our kit offerings:

First of all, depending on what colors you acquired for this project, I wanted to suggest that you follow a rule I learned in quilting: alternate light and dark colors.  This helps the colors stand out and not get all muddled together.  A great example of this is seen in our ORIGINAL poncho:


Next I want to talk about the pattern itself.  A few times in the pattern there is reference made to the RIGHT SIDE of the project. This is especially important to take note of when you are counting ch-7 spaces or various parts of the pattern to ensure you are on the right track.  I suggest placing a marker so that you always know when you are on the Right Side.

I was very grateful for the self checkpoints along the way.  After the set up row for the first lace section, I was supposed to have 27, ch-7 spaces and I had 31! Yikes! I was able to go back and see where I had gotten off on my counting.  Always take the time to check your work so that you don’t have to rip out row after row of mistake!

You will notice in the pattern that the first row is a SET UP row, and THEN you launch into the pattern (as written out in the yellow box)

Here I want to show a few detailed photos of the lace pattern of our poncho, in case you have any confusion.  Here is a photo of the first set up row of the lace section.  Notice the alternating position of the single crochet. It alternates between a single crochet placed in the top of a double crochet and a ch-1 space.  The pattern is clear but very wordy, and I missed this detail my first try…it made a huge difference in how many ch-7 spaces I had.

From left to right, the sc is placed in a dc, ch-1 space, dc:


Next, I want to include a photo of the lace pattern so that you can see it very closely as you read the pattern and attempt it.  Here is the ROW 1 in progress (after that set up row):

Here is Row 2, after that:

At the end of this section there is instruction to change back to Color E.  To change with ease, you pull color E through during the last step of a sc. It looks like this:

I am glad that I am making the two sides of my poncho in tandem:


Isn’t it so pretty?! The colors seen here are from the Pantone Kit and from the middle going out: Charcoal, Rose, Denim, Sky.  Check in on our Ravelry group for the progress of your fellow crocheters! Tweet me progress pics too! I can’t wait to see how all of these are coming together!


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  • Tamara Windham

    Unfortunately I didn't do dark, light, dark, light with regard to my color. But I'm not going to frog it either. It is what it shall be and I shall love it because I used to have a crocheted poncho when I was about 7 years old that I loved. When I get closer to the end I might stitch a darker color in between the two lighter colors that are next to each other.

  • Cheryl

    Thanks for the pictures of the alternate colors! Could you supply the names of the yarns in each group? I want to crochet another one in a different color scheme and I am not sure which colors these are. It's so hard to tell from the pics. Thanks!

  • Manya Franks

    Question - I have completed my poncho and it is gorgeous!! However, it is too small for me, even though it is the exact size it is supposed to be (my 12 year of grand-daughter loves it, however!!). I would like to make another, larger one, but I need to know what the pattern repeat is so I can make the rows longer. Thanks.