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Christmas Tree Made of Yarn

Jacqueline, a knitting friend from Arizona, sent us this picture of a Pom Pom Tree that was inspired by the Pom Pom rug on the cover of our Fall 2008 catalog (shown below).  She donated the yarn and the Pom Pom maker to residents of a nursing home in France, and they came up with this idea.

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  • LizAndrsn

    Yet another "why didn't I think of that" idea from you folks! I love it, and what a statement the humble pom pom tree makes.


  • Kathryn O'Brien

    Good Morning Lion Brand,

    How do I get the Pom Pom maker and the yarn to make the rug and possibly the tree as well?

    Thank you,

    <em>Zontee says: Hi Kathryn, you can <a href="http://pages.e-yarn.com/6030/PictPage/1922242447.html" rel="nofollow">click here</a> to see the extra large pom pom maker (used in the rug) on our site. We also have the pom pom maker in other sizes -- just go to LionBrand.com, click on the "Shop" tab, and search "pom pom maker" in the search bar in the middle of the page.

    To buy the yarn for the rug, you can <a href="http://pages.e-yarn.com/6030/PictPage/1922242653.html" rel="nofollow">click here</a>. Our rug is made with Vanna's Choice. To see all colors of Vanna's Choice (so you can pick some for your tree), <a href="http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/yarnInfo.cgi?yarnPage=1694587" rel="nofollow">click here</a>. Enjoy!</em>

  • Donna Samelson

    The tree is so cute!!! Is there a pattern available for the pom pom tree? Our Knit Group would ike to make one.

    Thank you or a great idea!

  • carolee

    I do not like to make pom poms but that tree is super cute!!!

  • Brandy

    What an amazing tree!!! (and of course, an amazing rug as well). Wonderfully creative idea. Love the different shades of green!

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  • Mildred

    Are there directions on this site on how to make this size. I've seen on http://www.artideascrafts.com/christmas-decorations-pom-pom-christmas-tree/ how to make a small one for a table.