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Christmas in July Pt 3: Glittering Knit Bracelet

Do you remember being a kid and wanting to proclaim that you were "best friends" with someone? In grade school I had friendships with 2 girls, and I searched high and low for a Best Friends Forever heart necklace that was divided 3 ways.  When the holidays come around, I feel that familiar feeling of wanting to declare my beloved friends, the BEST.  One year I did this by making them all identical bracelets.

The Glittering Knit Bracelet is one of my favorite ways to put Vanna's Glamour® to good use.  Every time I go to the lion brand studio in NYC, I stare at the glittery yarn and let my imagination wander.  I was thrilled when I found THIS PATTERN.

It a wonderful first pattern for those taking their first foray down the cables path.  The stakes are very low, as it is one bracelet and one cable.  After you finish your first one, the others will be a snap. Oh, you are DEFINITELY making more than one. You are going to fall in love with this pattern.

Choose one color for all of your Besties so you can all match, or choose each Bestie's favorite color.  After you finish each cuff, find the perfect button as a special finishing detail.  I chose silver for mine, as I thought it brought out the sparkle in the Vanna's glamour.

Here are a few color suggestions:

Neutral lovers: Moonstone, platinum, topaz

Holiday Colors: Diamond, Ruby Red, Bronze, Red Stone

My favorites: Rhinestone Pink, Lapis

Seen in the photos: Purple Topaz

I like to think of this bracelet as more of a cuff because it is substantial enough to be worn alone.  It will become a conversation piece wherever the wearer takes it.  Great as a gift, or a stocking stuffer, make a few extra in case you need a last minute gift!  This cuff is wonderful for all ages. Don't forget to make one for yourself too! Happy Knitting!

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