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Christmas in July Pt 2: The Bubblegum Scarf

Welcome back to Christmas in July!  Today I want to feature one of my all time favorite Lion Brand Yarn Patterns.  It's called the Bubblegum Scarf, but it is more versatile than that.  It's whimsical, colorful, and substantial.  It absolutely is a scarf, but can also be a throw, an accent piece for your home decor, or a walking piece of art.  This gift will have major WOW factor on Christmas morning--way better than new underwear!


(Click this supremely Bubblegummy scarf

to access the Bubblegum scarf pattern!)

This past year we have seen all sorts of bulky yarn pop up, including our own Quickie and LB Collection Wool.  Oversized knits are so on-trend right now, and this bubblegum scarf fits right in.  But (surprise!) this pattern doesn't use the oversized bulky yarn, it calls for Vanna's Choice.  5 strands held together with a giant crochet hook means this scarf comes together in a snap.  Once you get the rhythm of the bobble pattern and working with Size S hook, you will find yourself making another and another and another.

The great thing about Vanna's Choice as the fiber used here, is you will most definitely be able to find the recipient's favorite color.  From variegated to solid, you will find the perfect color for your loved one in Vanna's choice.  It's a great price point (you're going to need many skeins for this one!), and machine washable!

Though the size and whimsy of this pattern make a big statement as a solid-colored piece, I do think there is room for a little creativity here.  It could become a wonderful stash buster for all of your worsted weight yarn that you just CAN'T throw away when you have some left over after a project.  Gather it all up and just start crocheting 5 strands at a time. When one runs out, replace it with the next ball and so on, until you have a fantastic multi-colored art piece!

It could be fun to do some color blocking here too.  Choose 3-5 complimentary color combinations and either alternate stripes, or just do a block of each. Remember to change colors on the LAST pull through of the last stitch of the row, that will make for the smoothest transitions.

If the size and bulk of this piece seems intimidating, never fear...you can absolutely scale this one down.  Use less strands, a smaller hook, chain less in your beginning chain, and you have a more practical bobble scarf to take your loved one through the winter.
I prefer the pizazz of this bubblegum scarf as is, and I think the photo ops on Christmas morning with your grand gift cannot be beat.


(I actually do NOT recommend this as a scarf for children as it is too heavy, but cuddling up with it for a cozy movie night is great for the littles, and photographing them in it sure is a hoot!)

Will you make this scarf this season? Who will it be for? What colors will you use?  I would love to hear your ideas for this one.  I may need to make another one of these this season. I just LOVE this pattern! Happy Christmas in July!


(Send me a tweet at @kristyglass or message me on Ravelry! I want to see your progress!)

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