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Christmas in July Day 1: 6 Hats to Make for Friends and Family!

Home/Pattern RecommendationsChristmas in July Day 1: 6 Hats to Make for Friends and Family!

Christmas in July Day 1: 6 Hats to Make for Friends and Family!

Christmas in July: Hats to Start Working on Now!

Do you have some free time this summer? In our Christmas in July series, we’ll be rounding-up our favorite gifts to make and give, including ones you can get started on now. Trust us – you’ll be thanking yourself between holiday parties when you’ve got all your gifts blocked and wrapped.

The only people I have made hats for are my nephews and my niece why you might ask? Well, because every hat I make I really want for myself. I find hats the easiest and ultimate fun knitting project because they range in skill level and allow you to get your project done really fast! A perfect holiday gift for anyone!

I have picked out a bunch of hats that I think are some good gifts for the stylish, laid back and everyday friend. Always read through the pattern and make sure you are able to do all the stitches. And if you see a knit pattern chances are we might have something similar in crochet. Hats are fun and a great way to spruce up your winter look.

1) Easy Eyelet Hat – This is a great pattern and uses our new yarn Textures® but, you can always substitute another worsted weight yarn.  Whenever I show this hat off at guilds they love it! It has that slouch effect so definitely for your friend who has slouchy hats galore!

2) I like this Aviator Earflap Cap because it’s unisex and is a simple pattern. This hat is for the friend who doesn’t want too much going on around their face.

3) I happen to know the person who designed this Easy Tam and I have seen many variations of it.  It’s like a piece of artwork.  (Maybe make this one for yourself!) Definitely allow time for this one because of the color work but, it’s totally worth it in the end.

4) I still have yet to make this Vintage Glam Turban. It’s a real easy one, too! For your very stylish friend who is always looking “together,” this is perfect!

5) I know from personal experience the Woolspun Level 3 knit hat is a great way to work on cables! That was my first cable hat and I was pretty impressed with my finished project.  It worked up really fast and is a great all day accessory.

6) This Amelia Earflap hat is for your friends who are forever cold!  Give them this hat for the holidays and they will be nice and toasty as it uses LB Collection®. Natural Wool.

easy_eyelet_hat aviator_hat Easy_tam
1) Crochet Easy Eyelet Hat made with Textures® Bonus: Matching Scarf 2) Crochet Aviator Earflap Cap made with Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® 3) Knit Gretchen’s Easy Tam made with Heartland®
glam_turban level_3 amelia_earflap
4) Knit Vintage Glam Turban made with Vanna’s Glamour® 5) Knit Level 3 Knit Hat made with Lion’s Pride® Woolspun® 6) Knit Amelia Earflap Hat made with LB Collection® Natural Wool


How could I not put a pattern for a cat hat — your cat needs a holiday present too!

I want to know what hat catches your fancy, which one do you plan on making? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • I love the “Level 3 knit hat”. I am definitely going to have to make it!

  • I LOVE the knit tam, but will probably make the easy eyelet.

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