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Charity Knit & Crochet-Along: Crafting with a Group

Now that you've started your project, why not connect with others locally? A charity group is a great way to share your love of crafting and keep each other motivated.

First, find out if there is a local chapter of your charity. There may also be a local group that generally crafts for any charity. Use your charity's website or the Lion Brand Charity Connection to search for such meetings.

If no local groups already exist, make your own! Invite friends and relatives to join you at a set time and location. Many groups meet in casual locations, such as a member's house or a coffee shop. You may also consider contacting local community centers or churches to see if you can use a meeting space, especially if you need to accommodate a larger number of people.

The most important part of crafting with a group is staying positive and motivated. Bring in your finished items, and ask others to do the same. Viewing your collective work acts as a reinforcement of your progress.

Share your progress in our comments section! We want to hear about your projects and your groups. Keep up the great work!

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