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  • Yarn Heroes: Charity Crafting with All About Ami

    Charity Crafter All About Ami as Yarn Hero Capatain Kawaii

    Yarn Heroes Chapter 2, Charity Crafting with All About Ami

    We hope you have enjoyed the first two posts of our Yarn Heroes, a series all about celebrating Charity Crafting! We were extremely fortunate to collaborate with fifteen of the most creative, generous and spirited yarn bloggers and designers to create new free patterns, host giveaways for new charity crafters, and tell inspiring stories... all while wearing colorful costumes that show just how empowering knit and crochet wear can be!!

    All of our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw Stephanie from All About Ami's charity crafting character... Captain Kawaii! We had an opportunity to catch up with Stephanie and find out more about inspires her to make an impact on the world through crocheting.

    Show Us Your Moral Fiber - A Charity Campaign Slogan

    LB: We hope Yarn Heroes illustrates how empowering yarn craft can be, not just in terms of personal accomplishment, but also giving back to charity and helping others reach their potential. It's hard not to look at this awesome picture of you as Captain Kawaii and really feel an electric power of pure joy! What is the most empowering part of yarn craft for you?

    All About Ami: One of the most rewarding parts of blogging and designing has been hearing that I have inspired others to learn how to crochet.  After seeing images of my creations and reading through the step-by-step process, people feel like they can tackle the challenge and do something out of their comfort zones.  Taking up such an amazing hobby and creating something with your own hands has empowered people and given them a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  People have shared their stories with me where crocheting has helped them through a particularly tough time, a stay at the hospital, or has helped them manage their depression or anxiety.  We as knitters and crocheters can use our hooks and needles for good by teaching and encouraging others to take up our beloved hobbies, unleash their potential, and do things they never dreamed were possible.  Even if it’s not knitting or crocheting, we can encourage people to seek out something they are passionate about!

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  • Charity Crafting: Be a Yarn Hero!

    Charity Crafters called Yarn Heroes in Costumes

    This giving season, Lion Brand is calling on knitters, crocheters and yarn crafters of all kinds to unleash their inner Yarn Hero and craft for charity! We want every fiber fanatic to know that they can help create a more giving world, one stitch at a time.

    We have assembled a super group of 15 of your favorite yarn bloggers and designers to show you how charity crafting can make an impact on real lives. Over the course of the next month, these bloggers will be posting patterns, hosting giveaways, and sharing their inspiring stories of crafting for charity. Every week, we will post interviews with the Yarn Heroes right here on The Notebook discussing the power of charity crafting and the causes dearest to them. You will find each Yarn Hero listed at the bottom of this page.

    You can also learn a little more about Yarn Heroes by watching episode #30 of Tea with Shira below.

    As fun, colorful, and hopefully inspiring as we hope you find Yarn Heroes to be, we acknowledge that we are just scratching the surface of charity crafting. All around the country, there are people who have dedicated enormous amounts of their lives to knitting and crocheting for others. You are harder for us to find, because you are so busy doing good for your fellow person!

    Please share your stories with us at yarnheroes@lionbrand.com – over the next four weeks, we will be selecting four charity crafters to each receive $250 worth of yarn for the cause of their choice.

    We are deeply grateful to the following organizations for helping us get the word out about giving back this season! These are great resources for learning about and getting involved with charity crafting.




    So be a Yarn Hero this giving season, and put those hooks and needles to good use. Just remember, if you plan on donating a crafted item, make sure that any charity you wish to donate to has the capacity to accept your donation!

    To Our Readers: Submit YOUR stories of charity crafting to yarnheroes@lionbrand.com for a chance to win $250 in yarn support for your charity crafting cause - we'll be picking winners every week, and it never hurts to let us know what you are doing for the world!

    Meet the Yarn Heroes - Crafting for Charity

    [Moogly] [Mama In A Stitch] [All About Ami] [One Dog Woof] [Sewrella] [Delia Creates]

    [Underground Crafter] [Sh*t That I Knit] [Kristy Glass] [Two of Wands] [Twinky Chan]

    [Make & Do Crew] [A Crocheted Simplicity] [Little Red Window]  [B-Hooked Crochet]


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  • 5 Charity Projects in Your Favorite Yarns

    Last week, I asked you to vote on your favorite Lion Brand yarn for charity crafting. The results are in, and you named Vanna's Choice as your favorite. Some of the reasons you named were the softness, washability, and wide color range. Homespun was also quite popular in the poll for similar reasons. Now that you've selected your favorite yarns, here are 5 patterns to inspire your charity crafting:

    Warm Up America Blanket1. Knit Warm Up America Blanket: This comfortable blanket is perfect for donating to Warm Up America or any other charity organization. It's also a great project for experimenting with the over 50 colors of Vanna's Choice.
    2. Crochet Comforting Blue Cap: This comfortable hat makes a perfect chemo cap.
    3. Knit Ribbed Scarf: This versatile scarf can be worn by men, women, or child.
    4. Crochet Simply Sublime Shawl: The softness of Homespun makes this prayer shawl extra special.
    5. Knit Honest Warmth Shawl: This triangular prayer shawl works up quickly and easily.

    What's your favorite pattern for charity projects? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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