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Chain Stitches as Jewelry

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Chain Stitches as Jewelry

I always love to see how the fashion world takes crafts like crochet and knitting and reinterprets them in unexpected ways. This simple, oversized crochet chain as necklace is such a fun pop of color from German design duo Gabriel & Schwan. Sehr schön!

Via Oh Joy!

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  • I just don’t see the appeal.

  • I have to agree with CrazyCatMadame. The chain stitch is fine, but to do it so large? It looks to me like they’re running out of ideas.

  • I really like it! It’s simple but striking. I would definitely wear it and think it makes a bold statement without being fussy.

  • Oh, I like this. I think that using simple shapes and techniques and looking at them in a different way quite creative. It works here because of the scale and the shine of the rope used. The effect is very nautical.

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  • While I think this is pretty creative, I’m not sure how practical it is. Actually, there isn’t really any practical jewelry, but this one looks like it was knitted out of nylon cord to me. I’m more into the Antique Jewelry</a style, but we can't all like the same things I suppose.

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