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CHA Fashion Show 2009

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CHA Fashion Show 2009

Every year at the Craft and Hobby Association’s winter show, we have a special fashion show — hosted by the lovely Vanna White — featuring some of our latest patterns and creations. This year’s show, in Anaheim, CA, featured new takes on the classic scarf.

Some of these patterns are already available on our website, some will be featured in our Fall catalog — and as with many fashion shows — some are “concept pieces” meant just to showcase some of the cool trends that we’re excited about. Check our Pattern Finder — which lets you search by type of item, yarn, and so much more — to see some of these great items.

Click below to watch!

Here is just a selection of the items featured:

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  • I want to know if that crochet Moderne Jacket can be knitted. I do not crochet and I like it.


    Zontee says: Hi Catherine, each of our patterns is designed for a specific look and texture. Since knitting and crochet produce different kinds of stitches, we are unable to “convert” a pattern from one to the other. However, there are some great knit jacket/cardigan options available on our website, such as the Shawl Collared Cardigan, Stefanie Japel’s Mini Cardi, the Jacket Deconstructed, and the Flattering Sweater.

    Also, please note that comments should be left on the specific blog post to which they relate, so that they are helpful to other readers.

  • Hi, I was watching on YOUTUBE de CHA 2009 lion brand yarn show with Vanna White and loved the striped cardigan or bolero that the 22nd girl paraded. Where can I get the pattern and with what colors and yarn is it made. The colors seems like greens and blues. Its beautyful. tks

    Zontee says: Hi Johanne, the pattern for that item is not available. Some items will be out in the Fall catalog and others are only concept pieces.

  • OK Zontee tks. But can you tell me which colors and yarns were used. Until then I will wait for the fall catalog. tks

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