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Celebrating the 100th Birthday of a Member of Our Family

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Celebrating the 100th Birthday of a Member of Our Family

My family was blessed to celebrate the 100th birthday of my Mom, Ann (Chanchy) Blumenthal, on November 26th. I share this with you because my Mom is a member of the third generation of the family that owns Lion Brand Yarn Company. From the 1940s to the 1990s, my Mom was active in the business, answering customer letters and phone calls. She served as a trusted advisor to my father, Isidor, the President of Lion Brand from 1958 to 2003, offering her wisdom and ideas on everything from advertising to selecting yarns, colors, and patterns.

I’d like to share some photos from the party.

Amazing how many different 100th
birthday cards there are!
The cover of a book of photos

My mother received a letter from President Obama congratulating her on her birthday. I also wrote a letter on Lion Brand stationery thanking her for her service to our company and signed it with my titles: President, CEO, and Son.

As a member of the fourth generation of our family-owned and operated business, my Mom continues to inspire me.

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  • Amazing! And what an accomplished woman. Happy Birthday to Ann! 🙂

  • What a wonderful legacy.  Thank you for sharing with us.

    A devoted customer

  • Happy 100th Birthday!!!

  • Absolutely marvelous!  And David, your tribute is wonderful. 

    Good luck and much continuted happiness and strength to all of you.

    Another devoted customer.

  • What a wonderful tribute to your mother on her 100th birthday. Thank you for your GREAT products and newsletter! Happy Birthday!!

  • My m other born 1915 used to knit with Lion Brand all the time.she is n o longer with us.But now my daughters and granddaughter all knit with Lion Brand.i treasure the memores of purchasing the yarns at both Bell and sunray yarn shops on the lower East side of NYC.hag Sameach for Chanukah.

  • Mazel tov to Ann on her 100th birthday.  May she live to 118 surrounded by family and friends.  Congrats to all for keeping it “all in the family” – not many companies can claim that.  Oh how I wish I lived near a yarn shop that carried Lion Brand – my favorite yarn for all baby and children projects.
    Esther – kiwassalady

  • Happy Birthday to your Mom. I love your company and it looks like your Mom and I share the same
    birthday . . . . with only a difference of 22 years.
    Marjorie – MMyummy1

  • Happy  Birthday…thanks for sharing the pictures…Im proud to be a loyal customer of Lion brand yarn.

  • How wonderful to have your Mom so long!

  • Hag Zameiach on Hanukkah, and Mazel Tov to your mother on her 100th birthday.  May she live to 120!!

  • Birthdays come once a year and you have had 100..WOW! Wishing you a belated birthday and many more..

  • Congratulations to Ann and all the family!  It is wonderful to know that multi-generational run family companies still exist.  Wishing you all good health and joy this holiday season and in 2012.

  • Happy 100th Birthday Chanchy!  And Happy Holidays.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You are ALL so lucky to be together so long!  My mother’s sister taught me to knit.  And I taught myself to crochet!  Chag someach!

  • Happy Birthday Ann !! What a wonderful milestone. And how blessed you are to be surrounded by family who love you and continue your work.

  • Wow..hope she had a wonderful Birthday, she deserved it..What a wonderful woman..very inspiring.

  • to what an amazing life to be part of such a company Happy 100th Birtday and Merry Christmas and many more

  • Happy Birthday Chanchy.
    You must be so proud of your family as they are of you.

  • Congratulations to your Mother! How wonderful to live so long with such a loving family! Thank you for sharing. 

  • Many more blessed years to Mother Ann! Thanks for loving us with your fine products and website.

  • Belated Birthday greetings from an Aussie customer. What changes you must have lived thru’ and hopefully even more to see and experience.The fame of your company has traversed the world..How nice to share your longevity as inspiration to us all. 

  • I hope your letter was written on Lion Brand stationERY (paper) and not on Lion Brand stationARY (not able to be moved). Spell check does not catch a WRONG word when it is spelled correctly.

    Belated congratulations to your mother. Proves yarn is “good for you!!!!”

  • Happy Belated Birthday to you, Miss Chanchy! Thank for sharing the beautiful heritage of your family’s business and passion with us!

  • Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday, Ann!

  • Happy Birthday Ann! God has blessed you with a beautiful family, and thank you for all the good you all have done for many people. Feliz Cumpleanos Ann!

  • I didnt realize that Mrs Ann Blumenthal birthday was posted in 2011,

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