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Celebrate Our 135th Anniversary with Us!

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Celebrate Our 135th Anniversary with Us!

Can you believe that Lion Brand has been a staple in the yarn industry since 1878? This year, we’re celebrating our 135th anniversary, and we want to invite you, our customers, to a behind-the-scenes look at our operation. Lion Brand yarns have been on the market for 135 years, and today, we’re proud to say that six generations of the Blumenthal family have been involved in the company, from the corporate office to the baby faces on skein labels. Take a look at this short video to get to know the Blumenthals and their passion for yarn as well as education, inspiration and innovation.

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What special memories have you had involving Lion Brand throughout the years?

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  • I have only been knitting for about 2 years, still what I consider an advanced beginner. Lion Brand Yarn to me has always been my first choice, my “go-to” yarn when I need quality and value. Being disabled I do not shop the LYS or catalog stores for they are way above my economic limits, I always find just the right colorway, the right shades when I look at Lion Brand yarns. Thank you for your dedication to keep this wonderful company alive and thriving.

  • Lion Brand helped me make several comfort shawls for people who needed hugs!

  • I got my first skein of Lion Brand yarn with my Grandma when I was 12 years old. I remember wondering what a lion had to do with yarn…:-)… but I love Lion Brand, have been using it all these years and I’m 69 now.

  • Congratulations! I’ve used your yarn frequently over the years, The Jamie baby set for a new mother, ( and many newborn hats for a local hospital), The homespun hat(s) for my daughter -several were ‘borrowed” by friends but I’m thankful they liked the hat. And who could forget the fun fur puppet ? My latest was a knitted man with a zipper belly from a video game. My grandson just “knew” I could make him one. He even found the brown yarn for me… Your company has given me memories. Thank you….

  • I teach the Crochet Class at Joann Fabric & Craft store. I would say that in 80% of my classes I recommend a Lion Brand Yarn. I tell my students how to really pick the best yarn. I also tell them that Vanna’s Yarn is one of my favorites. I bring several different brands of yarn for the class to handle – and what to look for if you really want a nicely finished project. By looking and feeling the yarn they are able to see why some yarns are just not worth their money. I’ve been crocheting for over 45 years – and Lion Brand is always my first choice. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful project.

  • Lionbrand yarn was the first yarn I learned to crochet with. I fell in love with Homespun in particular. I taught myself how to do several of the patterns I found at the local Walmart. Since then I love searching through the patterns on-line and then ordering my yarn. I love supporting an American made yarn.

  • When I was in my teens, my Mother offered to teach me how to knit. No way was I going to sit and get old knitting. Well I got married and found out living on a budget didn’t allow for many nights out – so I decided to teach myself how to knit, my husband and I still laugh about the “oranatang” length of the sleeves.. Fast forward 50 years, I am never without my knitting project, I am never bored. My husband recieved an organ transplant several years ago, eventually I made the “Tree of Life” afghan for the donors wife. (handled by coordinators, no personal contact).
    Our whole working lives were based on the misfortunes of others.
    Lion Brand is the only yarn I use. Thank you!

  • Yarn is love! The Lion Brand family should be really proud of the fine product they make, so we can make products that show love, keep babies and the elderly warm and show compassion through charity fiber creations. And, I can make myself a rocking hat any time I like. Bravo and congrats!

  • Congratulations! I hope you are here for another 135 and more. You have good quality yarn at reasonable prices. Wonderful support too. Some of your fashion yarns are really beautiful. I think the colors in the Amazing yarn are absolutely beautiful and I love the feel of this yarn. Keep up the good work. Rachel

  • My mother years ago taught me to knit with Lion Brand Yarns. Throughout the ensuing years, yes, I’ve tried others, but this is the brand I love and keep coming back to. Love the yarns, the notions, the free patterns, and the website! Have to visit the store next time I’m in NYC. Thank you Lion Brand for everything through all these years!

  • Oh, and Happy 135th Birthday!

  • I have been knitting and crocheting for over 60 years and mostly with Lion Brand Yarns. The last few years I have been trying out more exotic yarns, but always returning to Lion Brand. One of my daughters crochets only afghans and baby hats for charity. Tracy has already donated over 3000 hats to all our local hospitals. I am so proud of her. I add some to her collection on occasion also. We love doing it and it is so satisfying. We love whenever you introduce a new yarn and quickly rush out to buy some. Keep up the great work and Happy 135th Anniversary.

  • What an awesome story.I wish you another 135 years! Thank you

  • Congrats! And, many years of great products. Thank you so much! I remember crocheting lots of different afghans and apparel with my Grandma. She taught me how to crochet and knit even tho’ she is left handed and I am right handed. It was hard to pick up; but, I wanted to make projects like my Grandma so bad that I stuck with it until I could make all the patterns that my Grandma had and I still do a lot of crocheting and knitting to this day. Thanks for such lovely products and hope you continue well over another 135 year.

  • My Grandma (moms mom) and my Aunt Sarah (Dads sister) taught me how to knit back in the sixties. I don’t think there ever was anything else displayed at the five and dimes in Santa Barbara or San Bernardino CA. If there was we never even looked at it. Even now when I go to the LYS (there’s 8 in the Salt Lake Valley now- not counting the fabric stores that sell yarn also) I look for the colors I want then go get the colorways at the Hancock store. They’re always so happy to do a special order for me and their displays are always so attractive. Thank you for the ‘raw stuff of my memories’ which keep me company while I work on all the ‘new’ stuff.

  • I have made afghans for all of my five grandchildren for their high school graduation. I used Vanna’s yarn for all of them. I love Lion Brand!!

  • Oh and by the way–I’ll be 80 in August!

  • I have been knitting and crocheting since childhood and although I am now 75 years old I am still learning and appreciate the many courses I have taken at the Lion Brand Studio on 15th Street. In the 1960’s, when Lion Brand was located on Canal Street in NYC, I was given a sweater and yarn by a Lion Brand employee and asked to duplicate it (no instructions were given to me). I did so and was nicely paid for my work. As many others, I am a “yarnaholic” and have an enormous stash of yarn which includes Jiffy in gorgeous colors that have been discontinued. Glad that you have not discontinued the whole line since I still enjoy using it for many projects. Also, I have to thank you for making all of your lovely patterns available for free.

  • Congratulations on the milestone! I’ve been using Lion Brand yarn for over 60 years and have never been disappointed. Over that time, I’ve had ‘spurts’ with ‘favorites’ depending on what I was making so it’s difficult to pick just one. Interesting informative video of the ‘family’ business. Enjoyed listening to the ladies in the yarn studio who ‘tawk’ with the same New Yawk City accent that I’ve maintained over the years even though I left there 30 years ago. Nearly 50 years ago, I would frequent a small, warm, friendly yarn shop in NYC and this brings back wonderful memories. Many a baby, child, adult, has worn sweaters I’ve made with Lion Brand.


  • Lionbrand Fun Fur is what got me back into knitting (about 10 years ago) after a 30-year hiatus. Congratulations Lionbrand on your 135th anniversary!

  • Congratulations, I had no idea this was a family business, you’re doing GREAT! Keep it up, and I keep coming to your sites. I cannot actually buy from you as I live in Antwerp in Belgium (Europe), but I do love to look at all the lovely things your have and I have dowloaded some free patterns that I will surely make at one time or another. I am a crochet lover (can’t really knit) and it is fun to see how much you make for us. Love you all! <3 <3

    • Hi there–thanks for your kind words. Lion Brand products are becoming more available across Europe, so keep checking for them. You can also order them in Europe from sites like Banyan Tree Yarns:

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you very much I had no idea you were “swimming” across 😉 I will surely look around for your yarns. Have a nice day!

  • Yes, I have used Lion Brand yarns over the years. I have always liked their texture, weight and durability. However, I do have one “complaint”. Residing in Canada, we pay a lot more for your product, therefore, our crafts cost us more. So, we do research on who has the same quality of yarn for a better price. Maybe we should have a Canadian Head Office and some of the product produced in Canada so that we can reap the rewards as well. I also find that more and more of the stores that supply Lion Brand products are either closing or reducing the amount they carry or your product in the Canadian market. I cannot afford to purchase the expensive brands from Europe and around the world so rely on Lion Brand and other companies to supply me and my friends with their products. Knitting and crocheting are a way for most of us, if not all of us, to relax, get together, and have fun. So, thank you. And to Vanna, thank you for your line as well. I watch for new patterns from your collection.

    • Hi Betty, we are working with more Canadian stores to provide Lion Brand products, but as always, since we can’t tell stores/chains what to purchase and carry, we encourage you as the customer to tell your local stores if you’re looking for Lion Brand products so they know that their customers are interested! In the meantime, we are carried in several local and regional chains in Canada, as well as some local stores, so keep your eyes peeled! You can also email for more information about where you can find Lion Brand products.

  • I’ve used lion brand yarns and patterns for years. I now knit prayer shawls, baby blankets, hats & mittens to give to those who need them. Congratulations and thank you for having wonderful yarns and craft items.

  • I’ve used lion brand yarns and patterns for years. I now knit prayer shawls, baby blankets, hats & mittens to give to those who need them. Congratulations and thank you for having wonderful yarns and craft items.

  • Happy 135th. Great yarn!

  • I am so moved by the video, and carried to memories of my grandmother and aunt, around 60 years ago, teaching me both knit and crochet. My grandmother helped me make a little purse… she died that night. I have many other powerful memories connected with knitting. Recently I have knitted for grandchildren, soon to number 10, including 3 Vanna-designed afghans and website patterns. I knew the label for years, and now I’m pleased to have met the Blumenthal family.

  • Congratulations, I love lion brand yarn! I taught myself to knit 47 yrs at 16 with lion brand yarn. Being the only lefty in the family I had no one to teach me and I wanted to learn. I bought some lion brand yard and a book and went at it. I’m still a knitter and a loyal lion brand user

  • I learned to knit as a child. I learned to crochet as a young adult. I have ALWAYS used Lion Brand yarns and was ELATED when I learned of the studio in NYC and of the outlet store in New Jersey. I would be totally thrilled if they opened a studio in Staten Island (my hometown) and would relish the opportunity to work for the company as well.

  • I have begun to make scarves and gloves for Christmas presents for my large family. I am using the faux fur in many different colors. They are so light weight and beautiful. I am trimming the fingerless gloves with the faux fur and the rest with a soft yarn. I am really happy with the results. I haven’t knitted in years. You have so many lovely patterns but I haven’t learned to use anything but straight needles. Thank you for creating such beautiful yarn.

  • Congrats, but, are there no women in the Blumenthal family?

    • Hi Ellen, there are awesome women in the Blumenthal family–some of whom chose to be in the family business and some who did not. Currently, 6th generation family member Shira is part of our Studio team–and you can read about Shira’s grandmother, who was part of the company for many years here:

      In addition to the Blumenthals, Lion Brand is a diverse company with women and men of all kinds of backgrounds at all levels of the company, some of whom you see in the video including our Creative Director Karen and Studio Director Patty. One of the things that I personally love about working at Lion Brand is that there is a true spirit of family here at the company, whether you’re a member of the Blumenthal family or not. We hope you’ll keep checking out our blog for more behind-the-scenes looks at Lion Brand to come!

  • Congratulations on many, many years of providing a great product at a reasonable price. You have provided warmth, surprise, and a creative outlet for generations of handicrafters. The Lion Brand web site is the first place I look to for patterns, tutorials, and a wonderful variety of yarns. Best wishes and many thanks.

  • I have e-mailed you twice with questions regarding your patterns but have never got an answer.

  • I really like your site, it gives me lots of new ideas. There are so many wonderful yarns. I just love the soft and thick baby yarns. Please make more of these soft yarns in adult colors, both solids and multicolored. I am a member of a group called Caring Crafter’s that make crochet & knitted items for new born nurseries, battered women, homeless, soldiers, new moms, and for our own families and friends. We meet every Wednesday morning at JoAnn’s store in Grapevine, TX and welcome anyone who wants to be a servant of God or to just come learn to use your beautiful yarns to create beautiful treasures for those of us still in this wonderful world. Thank-you so very much for the numerous FREE patterns. We use many of these in our creation of LOVE for others.

  • Happy Anniversary. After years of knitting and crocheting using your wonderful yarn, I have a cute story to tell you. Several years ago my childhood girlfriend Martha in Ohio called me and asked me, “Hey, are you still making those baby layette sets.” I was puzzled about this until I realized she was telling me that she was going to be a grandma. I said sure, it has been a while, but I still knit all the time. So after yakking for quite a while (hey I lived in Florida and not in Ohio any more) she told me that she had saved the hat and booties set I made for her first son almost 40 years ago. She said that both her and her son loved these items so much that they decided to put them on display in a shadow box on the wall. I was so touched to know how one pair of baby booties had bridged the generation gap so completely and how much I was missed.

  • Your phenomenal website videos and endless free patterns taught me to crochet after being a bit of knitting snob for many years. Your website has created one fiercely brand loyal customer. Well done.

  • The first thing I ever crocheted was the Martha Stewart Coming Home Ponch out of Homespun. the the next thing I crochetted was a granny square poncho out of Woolease. That was ten years ago and Lion Brand has maintained a consistent majority of my stash in all that time. My current favorites are the Cotton Bamboo and the Baby Alpaca.

  • Very nice video on the Lion Brand Family, I first used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice for a crochet aftgan pattern in one of her pattern books, my first attempt, had to really go back and repair my little granny squares becauce the instructions in the how to manuel said not to tie knots so I didn’t and they came apart in the wash, I have learned a lot since my first attempt at crocheting I am now knitting too, I have many how to books but the help Lion Brand gives on your web site is of great help. I like the fact that Lion Brand not only sells you their yarn but helps you with advice or have a how to video if needed. Realy love Vanna’s Yarn too. Congratulation on 135 yrs of Lion Brand Yarn

  • It was a joy seeing your family all involved in this wonderful world of knitting and crocheting for so many years. I have used your yarns for almost 70 years myself.
    I would like to find an old fashioned man’s V-neck cardigan pattern. Is there such. Men seem to be left out of the pattern world. I only seem to find girls, women and babies.

    • Hi Kedgelina, here are a few options you might want to check out on our website (please note that sometimes unisex sweaters–those that have straight silhouettes–are pictured on women but are sized appropriately for men):

    • Yes, relatively speaking, men are left out, but we aren’t typically caught up in having new fashions as many women are. With knitwear we can “get by” with a few classic patterns. I realize there aren’t so many men knitters/crocheters but it would be great to see a core group of basic patterns such as Kedgelina suggests, all designed for Lion Brand yarns.

      You do make great products! I’ve never been disappointed in any Lion Brand Yarn, and your website and newsletters are the best, hands down.

  • Congratulations on your anniversary! IMHO Lion Brand had the first and best free consumer oriented online pattern support-which I took advantage of! I thank you for that! I certainly wish you and your family at least another 135 years of yarny success! 😀

  • Congratulations on your 135th…may you always enjoy a great knitting day!!!!

  • As a french Quebecor, I learner to knit in the first grade, with the Sisters. It was a warm pot holder for my mother. I am now 58 and enjoy knitting very much. We are very happy to now have a Michaels store in Quebec where it is easy to find the wonderful Lionbrand yarn. I enjoy the newsletter and all the free patterns. Thanks a million. Congratulation for your anniversary and may you have many more.

  • My son and daughter in law live in Manhattan and I was very excited to visit the gallery store this past March. I was so impressed with the friendly welcome that I received there.
    How amazing that anyone can drop in, and sit down to knit or crochet. The staff was wonderful!! Happy birthday Lion Brand!

  • Nine year ago I made a blanket for my granddaughter. I made a second one seven years ago for my second born granddaughter and two more after that for my two grandsons born 7 years ago and another grandson born 7 months ago. It was all with the same type of light weight, warm, soft Lion Brand Yarn. They are all still using them today to cuddle with and keep warm at night. I feel as though I am with them and hugging them as they use these blankets. Each of these blankets are unique as they have their names knitted in each one. Thank you for the wonderful yarns sold and assorted colors.

  • Congratulations on your 135th anniversary! You have made millions of people around the world happy. Here’s to another 135!!

  • hola muchas felicidades por su 135 aniversario y gracias por tanta enseñaza y entretenimiento sigan cumpliendo mas y mas aniversarios felicidades

  • I have been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years. 90% of my work is for charity–my specialty is knitting preemie blankets and preemie hats, though I do knit or crochet other items. I used the Jamie yarn for many years, then I could no longer find it in stores. What a pleasant surprise when on a recent trip to Virginia, I stopped in an A. C. Moore Craft Store and found Jamie yarn again. Wish now that I had bought more than I did as I have not seen it yet in local stores (no A. C. Moore stores near where I live).

    • Hi Anna, don’t forget that all of our current products are available to order from, including the new version of Jamie:

      You can also save 20% off your domestic order of $35+ through May 20! (The coupon code will fill in automatically on qualified orders.)

  • I crochet baby blankets and sweaters for family, friends, and for sale. I have used Lion Brand yarns for over 15 years. I have been able to rely on this brand when others haven’t come through. I love your patterns too, they have been the foundation for my own designs. Happy 135th and many, many more!

  • The first scarf I crocheted was with Lion Brand (50 years ago) – Lion Brand is my go to yarn, pattern finder, and educational website. Thank you

  • Thank You for making and selling quality yarn. Crocheting is my therapy. I have been crocheting for over forty years. When invited to a wedding the newly weds receive an afghan crocheted by myself. When I hear of a new baby on the way, they receive an afghan of their own. I even crochet afghans for our Church to give out when a baby has been baptisted into the Church. Our group at Church also crochets and knits afghans and lap robes for those in need of comfort. Thank You all for lasting so long. Please keep up the great work and high standards. I know that when I buy your yarn, I can trust it to be of quality that will last. May God Bless each and everyone of you and your families.

  • Congratulations to a wonderful family with awesome yarns to make our lives more pleasant and therapeutic. I am so happy for you all to be able to work together as a family and carry on with the early traditions your forefathers started back in 1878. I salute you all
    Sarah A. McCoy

  • that was just fascinating!! i know you’ll be around forever!! best yarn around.

  • My favorite Lion Brand Yarn is Vanna’s Choice and Vanna’s baby yarn I’m a newbie to crochet and I’m hooked. My first afghan was about three months ago. I made it with green blue yellow and white colors which are my favorite it’s not perfect but when I look at it I love it and the memory I have of it is knowing I will get better at crocheting with everything that I make. practice practice practice

  • I loved getting the new catalogs with the female and male lions on the front.I miss them.I love cats.And I love Lion Brand Yarns.

  • During the last six years, I have tried to get my brain to get those little neurons to start working more and more for me. It took me 2 months to make my first of three baby blankets. I taught myself how to knit and read the directions. I love to knit with Lions Brand yarn. I have been learning to knit sweaters, baby items, and now a poncho. I am so very happy. It takes my mind away from the pain my body is in because I become so focused on knitting and what the directions are stating for me to do next. Yes, I have had many items that weren’t up to par but nobody could tell where the mistakes were. I have had to take a sweater a part and start all over again because my knitting became tighter and it needs a much larger needle to knit correctly.

    My daughter told me the clinic that she works at needs baby blankets and other items. So I now I have something I have wanted since forced to retire …. a job to do. That is fun and interesting. I can work for charity. Giving the items with a lot of love. Thank You for keeping the company in business so that I have some great yarn to work with.

    Sincerely Yours


  • Hello my name is Mary I’m from Sydney Australia i wish to The Congratulate you all the Blumenthal families passed present and future generations for the continuation of the Lion Brand Yarn Company yes i have knitted some of your free patterns and i find them easy and perfect to follow and i am hoping to be able to learn to Crochet so i may be able to make some of your beautiful Afghans clothing etc,i shall also continue supporting you for many many more years to come thank you.

  • Wow, I had no idea Lion Brand has been around so long. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on a long and distinguished history. Best wishes for future success.

    I love your products, website and your focus on enhancing your customers’ experience.

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