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Celebrate National Craft Month!

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Celebrate National Craft Month!

March is National Craft Month! Everyone is celebrating in different ways: learning a new technique, teaching others how to knit or crochet, finishing old projects, or crafting for charity.  Many craft stores are doing free demos and classes, so be sure to check out what your local stores are doing.  On Saturday March 6, Michaels stores are doing a demonstration of how to make Nick and Nora dolls with Vanna’s Choice!

I am using March to get my friends involved in crafting.  Many of my friends have always wanted to learn to knit, so we’re finally taking the time to do it.  We’ll be meeting once a week to perfect techniques and work on projects.  Friends who already know how to knit are joining us to start new projects that challenge their skills.

What are you doing for National Craft Month?  Share with us in the comments!

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  • For National Craft Month I will get back to making my husbands new knitted top I promised his for the holidays. I am new to knitting and got a little frustrated. This month I will get back to it.

  • I believe I’m going to plan a craft retreat with some family members and a few friends this month to celebrate. I’ll probably have it sort like a craft party and everybody can bring their projects and work on them.

  • I’m trying to feature lots and lots of handmade crafty ideas and products for kids over at my blog: Small for Big.

    check it out!

  • Crafting weekend for family and friends. We have been get snow storms like crazy over here so I will invite family and friends over and if it snows they can stay for an all nighter.

  • Each March, I provide a class in Ukrainian Egg decorating,also known as Pysanky ,at the U.U. fellowship that I attend. I have had new students as well as experienced artists join the workshop. There is an old pagan saying that the more Pysanky there are in the world,then the less evil has a chance to exist. So let’s decorate lots and lots of eggs!

  • I’m working on two firsts for me. A crocheted baby blanket with cables. I’ve never done crocheted cables before. And a twin sized quilt. I’ve started quilts before, but never finished one.

  • My daughter just adopted a baby girl from China and I am making her a blanket from organic yarn in pink – I also going to try to get a group of friend to star making blankets for charities – hope everyone has the best month ever

  • I am putting my crafts to good use this month as the hospital I work for is having a silent aution in 3 weeks for charity and they ask employees to donate items, so I decided to donate a “basket of scarves”. I have some knitted, some crocheted and some sewn in various different colors and styles. Hope everyone likes them and they will bring in lots of money for the charity event. I also teach knitting and crocheting to staff members, making throws for cancer patients.

  • I’ll knit some more 11-inch doll dresses and some Chemo hats and Preemie caps to donate. I’ll tell my sewing group about Craft Month and see what I can stir up.

  • I am making lots of premmie hats. I just finished a baby blanket, slippers for nursing homes and Im going to attempt a throw for a dear friend of mine that i want to give to her for mothers day.

  • I will be finishing a crocheted snuggie that I started a couple of months ago. I also want to start some quick projects for the home. I have been crocheting tawashi scrubs for birthdays and christmas for next year.

  • My friend and I are doing hats, scarves, baby items that is donated to charity. I am a member of the Knitwitters at the Hillsboro Church of Christ in Nashville and we do this is a community outreach. My friend and I have made about 1000 items in the past 6 mos. People have been so generous and donated yarn to the two of us. She is 63 and I am 66.

    Happy Irish and Crochet Month

  • I’m making baby afghans, preemie hats, and booties to donate in sets.

  • I will be trying my hand at my first pair of sox (crocheted) for my husband!

  • This month I have met with friends to teach or refresh their crocheting skills. I am also finishing a bed sized granny square quilt for my granddaughter and will then be working on 2 quilts, one crocheted and one sewn, for the Linus project that we have here in our Senior apartment complex. In between I am making a “self-portrait” framed quilt that I saw on TV and will be using yarn adornments.

  • My birthday is this month so the heavens above must have known that March is the ideal month for me to be born as I’m a major crafter! This month I am knee-deep in afghans: I’m scrambling to finish one by next week for my friend’s mum (Mother’s Day is in March over here in the UK), I’ll use the remaining yarn leftover from her afghan to make an afghan for my other friend Risa, and finally making a third afghan for the first friend I mentioned. Whew!

  • Many women in our senior community have partial projects in both crochet and knitting that they never completed; especially afghans. I gather them up and make the partial afghans into lap robes for an assisted living home nearby.

  • I have started a large knitting and crochet group that meets once a week in my area. I’ve been instructing as well as joining the group in our many projects! There’s no better way to leave your mark on the world than with your ceativity.

  • Spring is right around the corner so I am spring cleaning projects. I have several baby afgans I started crocheting that were never finished. Now I am working on finishing them. Since I do not have enough of the various kinds of yarn I am making them small and will donate them to the preemie unit a local hospital.

  • I have made many fun fur scarfs and dish cloths for my friends, now I have gone through all my left over yarn in my craft room and I am making an afgan for my self.

  • My friend Jean’s son is getting his Indian name in June. He is expected to give a gift to all who attend the ceremony. I’m helping her crochet lap afghans for him to give out.

  • I shall work on hats for friend going though chemo and baby blanket

  • I am pregnant~due March 25th~so I plan on making my baby girl a blanket, hat, and booties. I’ve taught myself to knit and crochet~definately a beginner~but I plan on bringing her home in something that I’ve made! I’m also going to make hair bows for my 11 year old daughter.

  • Many of our UCW group claim to be unable to do crafts. So this month I have planned a craft day where I will be teaching basic techniques for floral arrangements. We will be working on a simple table arrangement for Easter. At the end of the day each person will take home their own arrangement.

  • Another perfect pitch (March being national craft month) to get more people involved in our church Prayer Shawl Ministry called Hugs from Heaven. Started out with just one prayer shawl that I presented and from there it grew to several knitters and crocheters and continues to grow every week! So far we’ve given away 24 “Hugs” or Prayer Shawls since the ministry started last year, so let’s make 30 our benchmark for the end of March!

  • I teach crocheting at a community center near my town. For the month of March, I am teaching my students how to crochet shamrock granny squares. They can be used as potholders or trivets. Also, I have a friend who taught herself how to crochet a baby blanket. But now, I am teaching her howto make hats.

  • I love crafting and have tons of materials for all kinds of crafts- crocheting, quilting, sewing, decorative painting- I always buy extra- just in case. I love to give my crafts as gifts.
    This month I hope to finish
    2 TV pillows for my niece Kerry (sew & Paint)
    baby blanket for Briana (crochet)
    and an afghan for a family friend.(Crochet)
    I just finished a prayer shawl for a dear friend and plan on starting another once I get my other projects completed.
    Wish me Luck!

  • Soo many projects..not enough time. I’m sewing flannel baby blankets for gifts. One quilt top finished & 3 more in the making. I also am crocheting prayer scarves. I make these using the V-stitch & tell the recipients that the V-stitch stands for ” Victory “. Just started knitting a prayer shawl for a friend. Hope to finish the ” Tree of Life ” baby afghan & a flag afghan this month.

  • I’m doing my first baby Afghan in Vanna’s Choice baby (9 patch afgan pattern). So far so good! I’m excited at how it’s turning out…5 more patchs to go.
    Next I’ll be trying an Amigurumi bunny for my daughter for Easter. I hope everyone has a lovely and productive craft month! =)

  • As a college student I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ve limited myself to small projects. Lately its hats. They are quick to make and great to wear on campus, I get a ton of compliments. Lion brand has some great patterns too. I love the flowered cloche.

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