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Celebrate Log Cabin Day with Log Cabin Afghans!

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Celebrate Log Cabin Day with Log Cabin Afghans!

As you may have already noticed, I’m big on the quirky holidays. The way I see it, each of these silly days is a chance to celebrate something that may get overlooked every other day. An excuse to eat more donuts just because it’s national donut day? Count me in! (National Donut Day was on June 7, actually, but I don’t see why you can’t have a belated celebration.) Anyway, today is National Log Cabin Day! For some people, this probably evokes the smell of fresh cut grass and the feeling of the raw lumber used to construct a grandparent, aunt or uncle’s log cabin in the woods. For crafters, however, the term “log cabin” speaks directly to a very particular variety of quilts and afghans.

The quilts first became popular in the United States in the 1860s, during the Civil War, and their popularity as a traditional style of American crafting has remained for generations since. Traditionally, center squares were symbolically red or yellow, but more modern takes on the style show off individual preferences. These log cabin quilt-inspired afghan patterns range from traditional to contemporary, and can be knit or crocheted in a variety of yarns, colors, and stitch patterns.

 Image of Cozy Cabin Throw Image of Log Cabin Pocket Blankie  Image of Neutrals Log Cabin Afghan
Crochet Cozy Cabin Throw  Knit Log Cabin Pocket Blankie  Crochet Neutrals Log Cabin Afghan

 Image of Log Cabin Afghan Image of Slip Stitch Sampler Throw Image of Crochet Baby Log Cabin Blanket
 Crochet Log Cabin Afghan Knit Slip Stitch Sampler Throw  Crochet Baby Log Cabin Blanket

What do you think of the log cabin style afghan? Which of these would you like to make for when the weather gets cooler?

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  • The Knit Slip Stitch Sampler – if I knew how to knit! It’s beautiful!!!

    • I learned how to knit AND crochet watching youtube videos…look for “Curtsy”… 🙂

  • as i look them over, and over, and over again, i just can’t pick my fav!!

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