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Celebrate Easter & Passover with BK4K

BK4K (By Kids, For Kids) is our monthly kids’ newsletter that’s perfect for kids and the adults that craft with them, from parents and grandparents to teachers and scout leaders.

Since March is National Craft Month, we've decided to get ready for upcoming holidays in advance! In this issue, we share great patterns for Easter and Passover to keep children busy during those rainy spring days. These great crafts can be used as the centerpiece for your holiday table, a toy for children, or just a joyful holiday decoration.

Even if you can't knit or crochet yet, you can still make handmade decorations! Our Over Easy Eggs are a great way to personalize crafts without all the mess of dyeing eggs.

For even more holiday inspiration, search our Pattern Finder for "Easter" or "Passover".

For more great kid-friendly ideas each month, subscribe to BK4K. If you already have a Lion Brand account, you can simply add it by clicking on "My LBY", and selecting it under "My Subscriptions."

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