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Cable Luxe Tunic Knit-Along: Solving Problems & Making Progress Together

This last week I have learned the true definition of "knit-along." When I was asked to host this KAL, I thought I would only be showing my progress on making the Cable Luxe Tunic and also give some advice along the way. What I have found, to my surprise, is how we really are doing this together, and those of you working on this project are not only asking some great questions, but answering others' questions, giving great advice, and even finding a couple of "hiccups" in the pattern.


The first part of this back has raised more than a few questions, so I will explain why certain parts of the back are worked the way they are - and give a few hints on increasing. After I picked up the stitches for the back, the instructions ask for increases at both sides of back. The increases are done one stitch at a time on each side for a few rows, and then the pattern calls for casting on a number of stitches all at the same time.

Here is a picture of the left side of my back (as I am looking at it) and you can see the stitches that have increased on the edge. This increased edge will later be sewn to the same increased edge of the adjacent sleeve to create a nice seam under the arm. Although this looks a little unusual, it will give the tunic great shape under that arm!

Now, many of you have asked about that slipped stitch that is between the cables. It is simply made by slipping the stitch on the right side of your work and purling it on the wrong side. When I increased for the underarm, I placed one more slipped stitch 2 stitches away from the edge cables. It is in these areas where there are 2 purl stitches (between the slipped stitch and the cable) where I will work the increases to make the tunic start to flare.

Here is where that "hiccup" is in the pattern. After the "Shape the Waist" section of the pattern, the instructions tell you to work your increases on row 3 of the Center Cable Pattern and on row 3 of the 3/3 cable. The increases should be worked on row 3 of the second repeat of the Center Cable pattern, but that makes that row actually row 7 of the 3/3 cable. I'm sure many of you just kept working your cable patterns repeats as written, but the pattern has been corrected.

Some of you have asked where to work your increase in the purl sections between the slipped stiches and the cable patterns. I did a "make 1" purlwise (raised-bar increase) on each side of the cable patterns. This picture shows how invisible this increase can be -- the bottom part of the picture has 2 purl stitches between the cables and the slipped stitches, and the top has 3. If you have never done the "make 1" increase, the Lion Brand Learning Center has a great tutorial to show you. Click here for instructions.


I will increase like this for the next 2 times I am on row 3 of my center cable pattern. Then I will increase no more on the back and can just work up straight. It's all downhill after this point, because the front is the same as the back!

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