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Cable Luxe Tunic Knit-Along: My Finished Product!

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Cable Luxe Tunic Knit-Along: My Finished Product!

The Cable Luxe Tunic is done — woo-hoo! As a designer, many times I have to work on wooly projects in the summer and cool lightweight projects in the winter, so it was a pleasure having this wonderfully warm project on my lap these last few weeks when the temperature was rarely reaching double digits!

After sewing up the seams, I wove in the ends and ta-da! Here is the tunic right after I finished it:

My students often have questions about weaving in ends and the Learning Center has a section just about weaving in your ends.

So, what is really the final step in finishing your tunic? Wash it! A garment always looks better after it is cleaned. Just make sure to follow the instructions on how to wash your tunic by looking at the instructions on your yarn label. I used Wool-Ease and no wonder “ease” is in its name — I just washed it gentle, cold water, and a gentle cycle for the dryer as well. I also turned it inside-out for the wash and it turned out so soft and pretty.

Speaking of pretty…the tunic has finally met up with its intended owner, my oldest daughter, Lizzie. A perfect fit — and look at that smile!

This will be a super warm and easy-care sweater for her to take to college in upstate New York next fall. (I think I was smiling just as much or more seeing her wearing it)!

This has been a wonderful Knit-Along and I thank all of you who have participated, asked questions, given advice, or even have this tunic on your “to do” list. You can access all of the posts for this KAL (and the first KAL for the “Tree of Life” afghan) by clicking here. We’d also love to see all of your finished projects! Add them to the Lion Brand Customer Gallery OR our Flickr group!

Happy knitting everyone and enjoy your tunics!

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  • OH! How super deliciously sweet! Outstanding!!!! And gorgeous!

  • And when is your next KAL????!

    Zontee says: Hi C.A. Marks, we haven’t planned our next KAL yet, but we will be announcing a sweater crochet-along in a few weeks. Keep checking the newsletter and the blog for future KALs!

  • I agree…..when is the next KAL? I have enjoyed this one, and although I am not quite finished with my tunic, I can’t wait to wear it. Unfortunately, I didn’t order extra yarn at the beginning, and will now have to wait for a second order to arrive. I should have known better. But I am looking forward to a next KAL. Thank you!

  • Oh, how lovely! It does look great on your daughter. The color works well for her. I have started the front of my sweater, and I’m really excited to get some more knitting time in this weekend. I’m also looking forward to the next KAL!

  • Looks great!

    I’m over half done with the front. And I’m thinking the sleeves won’t take long if I don’t make any silly mistakes. But I’m having fewer and fewer of those so….

    Now where did I put that smaller needle?? I’d love to finish that yoke so I could try it on!

  • Congrats! It does look great. My granddaughter is going to love this sweater. I only have half the front and one sleeve to go. Not bad considering I started In January! It seems whenever I start a knitting or crocheting project, it just gets dropped somewhere in the middle. Taking part in the KAL has encouraged me to complete the project. This was my first KAL and I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you!!!

  • Wow! Heather,your daughter looks great in her sweater. I love my tunic and have already worn it quite a bit and have had several compliments on it, thanks for a fun KAL

  • Agreed, you sweater looks great Heather.

    It sounds like am keeping pace with many of teh other KAL-ers. I have 2 repeats more on the front and both sleeves left. I can’t wait to see all the other lovely FOs! I hope everyone remembers to upload pics to the flickr group!

  • Your tunic turned out beautifully and looks wonderful on your daughter. Great job and congratulations.

  • Well darn, I can’t crochet so I’ll have to skip the next KAL then. I’ll keep looking, though, for your next KNIT-a-long. 🙂 Looking forward to it.

  • Your sweater is lovely. I finished mine today and am so pleased with it. I never would have attempted it without the KAL support! Thanks to all.

  • Your tunic is beautiful. Great job. Thank you

  • Well, I finished last night and it looks great. Even the seams turned out way better then I could have hoped.

    I wouldn’t have tried this without the KAL and it turned out great! And it only took me 5 weeks (and that includes a few days off here and there), fastest sweater I’ve ever finished.

    Thanks a lot to everyone!

  • I finished my sweater a couple weeks ago and it looks fantastic too! I want to thank everyone who helped with tips and encouragement. I wore my sweater to church recently and was rewarded with effusive compliments from a lady who told me her daughter, who owns a yarn store, would be proud of my work. Wow!

  • Hi!

    I’m not sure if you have decided on or even thought about a new KAL but can i make a request for maybe more of a beginner or easy rated pattern. I am new to knitting and still getting use to it but I would simply love to try a knit along so i can ask other people that are doing the same pattern for guidance!
    THANKS to everyone!!

  • This is terrific! I just started receiving the LB newsletter about a month ago and I’ve been working on the Cable Luxe Tunic ever since. I had no idea it was outlined here too–

    I’m just starting on the back and this will be very helpful.

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