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Bright & Graphic Tights for Fall!

New York Magazine's fashion blog, The Cut, recently featured a fun slide show of bright, textured, and graphic tights--a trend that seems to be catching on for the fall. (Click here to visit the slide show.)

Well, with the introduction of 7 new colors this year to our Sock-Ease line, as well as dozens of patterns for leg warmers and socks added to our website, there are a ton of options for an enterprising knitter or crocheter to capitalize on the look and make her own!

Here are just a couple of the options:

[slide width="400" height="400" rotationtime="2" transition="fade" shuffle="false" overstretch="false" shownavigation="true" usefullscreen="true" autostart="false"]

(If you're looking at this blog post on the website, click on the slideshow to move to the next photo. If you're viewing this blog post in your e-mail and you're having trouble with the photos, please click the title of the blog post to view the slide show on the website.)

Find the patterns at (must be logged into to view):

What is your favorite fashion trend for fall? Leave a comment and let us know!

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