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Patterns to Make with Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle

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Patterns to Make with Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle

Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle is a great way to get a lot of yarn while saving money. You get twice as much without paying double the price! This yarn is available exclusively at Michaels stores and through our website.

You can make any Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® pattern with this yarn — just cut the number of skeins you buy in half — but we have several patterns designed specifically for the new, larger balls of yarn! There’s something for any skill level of knitter or crocheter, plus we have some available as kits.

Check out the Bonus Bundle patterns below!

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  • Okay. This is about the model with the seriously wild hair. I’m sorry, but..–what?!

    • What wild hair? Everyone looks pretty carefully styled.

      • Listen, I am a black woman. That is seriously wild hair. I should know.


        • I’m also a black woman, and I have long natural hair. She looks like she’s rocking her natural texture, I’m guessing diffused since that much hair would take too long to air dry. She’s got a cut to make it work and a dye job made for her natural hair. So like I said: what wild hair? Everyone looks pretty carefully styled.

    • What are you talking about? There are all kinds of different hairstyles in the world. These women all look gorgeous, which is sort of beside the point: are these knitting projects people want to try? What does the hairstyle of the model have to do with it?

    • I don’t understand. You do realize plenty of white women get their hair permed like crazy to get it to look like that, right? I think her hair is gorgeous. Nothing wild about it.

  • Wow, I thought we as creative crafters, were above this type of stereotypical judgement of models? I mean really, how many of us really look at the models? I am more concerned with the sweater, scarf, or cowl and how to get the pattern for free or figure out how they made the item I want, so I can make it, without having to buy a $12.99 pattern.

  • Hey guys! Just wondering if you guys ever tried to make a rug out of this yard? I am trying to make one now and I felt a little bad because it’s a little expensive for me and its part woo.l

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