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Blazingly Beautiful Baskets and Totally Totable Totes

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Blazingly Beautiful Baskets and Totally Totable Totes

Why You Totally Have to Tote

Today has brought another scorcher to New York City.  I’m normally scurrying around, carrying all kinds of things in heavy clothes with lots, and lots, of pockets (Yes, you could call me a… Pocket Monster). But in this kind of heat, who can get away with it?

The only acceptable way to scuttle to-and-fro while carting around who-knows-what is to do it in a tote bag or some sort of basket-like device. And why would you sling a shoulder bag, canvas carryall, or wicker basket when you could be using this as the perfect opportunity to show off your magnificent fiber arts skills?

Stripes with a Strap!

This post was inspired in part by a phenomenal Stripey Hanging Basket by our dear friend Elizabeth at the fabulous Crochet in Color. Elizabeth needed a wide variety of colors, so she went with our fabulous Vanna’s Choice. “The colors are so bright and cheerful,” says Elizabeth, speaking of Vanna’s Choice. “The acrylic holds up well for repeated use and gives it the right amount of form and shape.” We couldn’t agree more! It’s always good to have a bunch of Vanna’s Choice hanging around; a project like this is a stashbuster’s delight!

Do You Need to Make This? Totes McGoats…

If you’re like me, you’re going to need to take a minute to sit here and soak in this gorgeously silly Totes McGoats tote by the inimitable Moogly. Ah yes. I’m nearly done soaking.

Sorry, where were we? Totes McGoats. For that one friend you have who is actually obsessed with goats. For your many friends who are obsessed with memes. And for that goat farmer who helped dig your car out of a ditch that one time. And even though I do not believe that fall could possibly be around the corner, it actually is, and this would make a great Halloween bag.

Moogly used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky – 4 balls of Fisherman and 1 ball of Walnut.

So make Reginald T. McCoates, for whom the pun was named (and yes the T stands for Totes, improbably!) proud, and work up this lovely goatfriendbag.

We *Heart* Baskets

Leave it to Stephanie from AllAboutAmi to capture a heart in a basket (thanks for making it a yellow heart, Stephanie, chuckle!). She certainly has captured our heart. Stephanie used 6 skeins of Hometown USA in “Houston Cream” (Main color) and 1 skein of  Hometown USA in “Madison Mustard” (Contrast color). After you’ve got the yarn, head over to AllAboutAmi for her in-depth step-by-step, and free pattern!

Get Chunky With It!

While you’re still at AllAboutAmi take a look at her post about big chunky crocheted baskets made out of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick!

These big ol’ chunkies are based on smaller baskets made by Elizabeth from Crochet in Color!

From Chunky… to MONKEY!

Rebecca from Little Monkeys Crochet has come up with a basket just perfect for slinging in your monkey paws! For this gift bag, Rebecca used 24/7 Cotton (by Lion Brand) in color blocks of Lilac, Café Au Lait, and Ecru. You’ll want to balls of each. And you’ll also want to prepare yourself for the epic-mega-super-hyper-hug that you get from whoever you give this tote basket to as a gift!

Bonus Basket: The Jewelry Catcher!

Check out this beautiful little guy! Sure, this isn’t exactly a container to go zipping around town with (although I appreciate tremendously the mental image of someone bustling about while holding this basket in their outstretched palm), but this Jewelry Catcher by MamaInAStitch is simply too cute not to post. “I think the small basket in particular would be great to keep next to the kitchen sink to throw rings or jewelry in when you’re doing dishes or cooking,” says its creator, Jessica! To get it looking as picture-perfect as Jessica’s beautiful photo, you’ll want a ball each of Lion Brand Hometown USA in Houston Cream (white) and Phoenix Azalea (pink).

Get Working, Basket Case!

That’s all we’ve got room for in our tote basket for this day. Stay tuned for more basket-goodness to come. And for the love of Reginald T. McCoates, make yourself some totes.

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