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Be a Part of “A Memorable Yarn”

Brenda Dayne is a knitter and a storyteller who knows the power of stitch memory. She is the host of the wildly popular knitting podcast, Cast On and has been telling stories through her knitting for years.

I first fell in love with her podcast in the summer of 2006.  It was my last free summer before leaving for the Jersey Boys tour.  I used to be a Stage Manager, but my real passion was knitting.  Listening to Brenda talking about following her passion was a big part of my quitting my 22 year career in theatre to pursue knitting full time, and two years later, joining Lion Brand to open the Lion Brand Yarn Studio (our retail store & education center in New York City).

Now I’m sooo excited that Brenda is launching her North American tour at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on May 3rd.   Brenda will be collecting yarncrafter’s memories as part of her art piece called “A Memorable Yarn.”  The finished piece will exhibit at the Wool Museum in Wales through the summer of 2012.  This is where you all come in. 

Brenda writes:

“Your participation is simple. Donate a few yards of a yarn that holds a certain memory–perhaps leftover from a meaningful project, a yarn personally hand-dyed or hand spun, or a souvenir yarn from a foreign adventure–and an hour or two of your time to knit a small Memory Bag as a physical recollection of that special yarn or project. Use the instructions on the pdf here, knit * your own Memory Bag, then record your memories on the form provided.

This small but intentional act will, in turn, create a new memory for you, as the knitter, and for Brenda, as the artist who will join these invisible strands and tangible objects into a single, powerful collection of personal history. Together, the Memory Bags will form a literal representation of hundreds of hours of labor, and create memory connections between knitters, bypassing age, gender, skill level, and geography.

A Memorable Yarn can’t happen without you. “

*Note: Brenda is a knitter, so the instructions are for knitting, but a small memory bag can also easily be crocheted!

Ship your finished memory bags with your memory sheet tucked inside by April 30th to:

Lion Brand Yarn Studio
attn: A Memorable Yarn
34 W. 15th Street
New York, NY 10011


For those in the NYC-area who want to attend the May 3 event, please click here for more information about RSVPs.

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  • Would have been nice if Brenda would have included those who crochet in her project.

    • Hi there! Like Patty mentions above, while Brenda has written the project from her point of view as a knitter, she welcomes crocheters to participate too. It’s all about the meaningful memories we all imbue our yarncrafting with.

  • Perhaps she’ll include crochet in her next book..

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