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What Are Your Bad Crafting Habits?

We've all got bad habits when it comes to crafting -- those little things we do that make our crafting lives harder, but that we just can't seem to stop doing.


Personally, I have "startitis" -- I cast on project after project, no matter how many I've already got going on. As a result, I've got dozens of UFOs hidden around my apartment. Some I'll get to, but there are lots of others that will never be finished! It's something I really ought to work on, because it can be a little overwhelming to know I have all these half-knit pieces staring at me from every corner of the room.

So, come on, 'fess up -- what are your bad crafting habits?

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  • Ruth

    Buying too much yarn just because it's beautiful, washable and on sale. Sometimes without even a project in mind. Then I have to invent stashbusters to use up some, but the storage problem remains. I end up giving some of it away, which is not necessarily a bad thing when it's to friends who are furiously knitting or crocheting for charity. But it's a pricey habit for someone who was ostensibly trying to save money on the sales in the first place.

  • Barbara Kuehne

    I have too many projects I haven't even started yet.

  • Dawn

    Buying yarn without a project in mind, then having way too much or not enough yarn. Or buying yarn with a pattern in hand then putting the yarn away until I finish the current project. Then forgetting the pattern or where I put it for the new yarn.

  • Ellen Mackler

    I hate it when I pick a pattern, and buy the yarn . . . only to find out I am not happy with one, the other or both. :/ Sometimes the process takes an eternity. The old, try, try again and again, put it in time out and then try again. Oh hell. Just frog it.