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<strong>What do you do at Lion Brand?</strong> I work on various projects in the marketing department including the weekly e-newsletter and the YarnCraft podcast. You can listen to me every two weeks talk about knitting, crocheting, and more. <strong>When did you start working at Lion Brand?</strong> I have been here at Lion Brand for just under a year, and it’s been a lot of fun so far! <strong>What is your favorite thing about working at Lion Brand?</strong> As any knitter, crocheter, or yarncrafter might expect, I love all of the yarn! It’s nice to just be able to walk past a bin of yarn and run your fingers over the top. I also love the friendly, family-like atmosphere here. Everyone is down-to-earth and we really try to be helpful to each other. <strong>What kind of knitter/crocheter are you? What do you like to make? Why do you knit and/or crochet?</strong> I like little, portable projects, because living in New York, I ride a lot of subway trains and use that time for knitting and crocheting. I make a lot of gifts for other people, and am often offering to make hats, mittens, bags, and other things for my friends and family. I think I enjoy knitting and crocheting because I am such a multi-tasker. It allows me to do something productive in front of the television, or on the subway, or even while waiting in line at the cash register!

  • Exclusive Pattern: Huge & Huggable Mochimochi

    If you loved designer and artist Anna Hrachovec's books of teeny adorable mochimochi (her little knitted creatures and creations), you'll love her newest book of giant buddies—just released!

    To celebrate, we're sharing a super-sized version of her popular Petite Pencil, excerpted from the book. Click on the image for the pattern and click on the book cover for more info about it!

    Want your own copy of the book? Look out for a giveaway in next week's issue of The Weekly Stitch!

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  • Crafter Stories: Knitting & Crocheting in Transit

    passing time
    passing time by ollesvensson, on Flickr

    Over the last few months, we've been sharing stories from you, our readers, about your experiences knitting and crocheting in public. Today, I want to share a few crafting-in-transit stories that we've received:

    I almost always crocheted when commuting to work on the Long Island Railroad. One day, the man sitting next to me said, "Wow, I haven't seen anyone knitting in years!"

    I replied, "You still haven't—I'm crocheting."
    – Hazel in NY

    Once I was knitting on the Long Island Rail Road when the conductor took my ticket without saying much. He came back a little while later, however, during a long stretch between stations. This burly guy wanted to show me his crocheting! I kept a straight face and admired his work, which was the kind of lacy doily that used to go on furniture. He must have learned this art at his grandmother's knee.
    – Ellen

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  • Expert Tip: How to Picture a Pattern in an Alternate Color

    Working in the yarn industry, I constantly learn from the experts that I meet on the job. One of my favorite tips is from designer Sally Melville. (I've interviewed her twice for our podcast, YarnCraftcheck out the first and second episodes featuring Sally).

    How often have you looked at a pattern and thought, "That's definitely not my color"? Sally pointed out that sometimes the color choice deters us from a project that we would otherwise like!


    However, she said, it's easier to picture the garment in other colors when it's in black and white. Therefore, she recommended that you copy the photo in black and white (if you have access to a photo-copier) or, if you're more high tech, you desaturate/grayscale the photo on your computer.

    It's great for solid designs, as well as multicolor designs (you can better picture them in a solid or in different color combinations). Use colored pencils or markers (or paint tools on your computer) to start shading in with colors that appeal to you!

    What a great and easy tip!

    [Pattern pictured: Knit Lush Collared Blue Cardi]

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