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  • A Yarncrafter's Perfect Gift

    This is a guest post from our intern, Lindsey. Her last blog post was about her great Homespun Ruffled Scarf.

    I am an indecisive person and, after making all my decisions for what to make everyone for Christmas, I wondered, what will I knit after the holidays? Sometimes, I feel that I spend more time on Ravelry and the Lion Brand Pattern Finder than I do actually knitting or crocheting. So, for my Christmas gift I've asked my family to decide on projects for me.

    Each of my family members is picking a pattern, either for me, or them, or both, and giving me the yarn and necessary materials to go with it. I've shown them the Lion Brand Pattern Finder, which gives them plenty of options for how to search for patterns. I've also let them know what my skill levels are in both knit and crochet, and also that I'm always willing to try new things that push my skills.

    For me, it's perfect: every family member gets to pick a piece that is unique, something they will enjoy, and something they put just enough thought and effort into to feel good about giving me. They get to put thought and effort into it without worrying whether or not I'll love it, because no matter what I will enjoy making it.

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  • A Ruffled Scarf for Miles

    This is a guest post, from Lindsey, one of our marketing interns:

    Lindsey and her Ruffled ScarfI’ve known how to knit (and I mean knit, no purling or increasing/decreasing etc) for a couple years, but have spent the last few months working diligently at learning more yarncrafting skills. My most recent accomplishment: learning to crochet!

    Less than one week and two projects into crocheting, I decided to find a great project for my new favorite yarn, Homespun! As a fashion-conscious young New Yorker looking for something fun to make, the Crochet Ruffle Scarf seemed logical to me. So, I looked at the pattern, decided it would be easy enough for me to make, grabbed a ball of Homespun in Lagoon (which matches about half of my current wardrobe), and got started.

    You’ll notice I never mentioned consciously picking a hook size. I had two hooks in my apartment—N-13 and I-9— and of course I picked the N-13. The pattern calls for a K-10.5, but I tend not to pay attention when working on scarves. It wasn’t until I was on the second row and delighted with how I could see the ruffle taking shape that I noticed this was going to be the longest scarf ever! Well, I finished it anyway. I used more than the one ball it was supposed to require, but I had already prepared myself for that. At first I thought it was too long, but after a little modeling for my roommate and laughing at how ridiculous it was, I realized it was actually kind of cute. In fact, worn just hanging, not wrapped, it makes quite a fashion statement. Or I can wrap it around my neck as many times as my style -- or cold weather -- deems necessary.

    After finishing it, I had just over a ball of Lagoon still in my stash. As it was just a few days before a friend’s birthday, I decided to find the correct hook and make her a scarf too. I made hers a little smaller than my giant scarf; she prefers function over fashion and the ruffle was enough decoration for her. It turned out perfect and she loves it!

    What are some new yarncrafting skills that you've learned recently or that you want to learn? Tell us about them!

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