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  • Losing Mom; Knitting Through Grief

    Just after Christmas, my 91-year old mother collapsed and disappeared into the fog of dementia, suddenly unreachable despite her body being still alive, and still here. And I began a long, slow submersion into grief that seemed, at times, to be dragging me down into the darkness where my mother had gone. Because she was alive, it seemed completely wrong to mourn for my missing mother.

    So I became busy instead. I stepped in and became the advocate for her care, the organizer of her visitors, the person whom her doctors and nurses called first rather than my father who was arguably more grief-stricken than me. The busyness helped fill my waking hours with calendars, discussions about care, creating and managing lists of tasks, writing detailed emails to my siblings and nephews. It also intruded on my nights, waking me up with sudden jolts of fear that I had forgotten something important that I needed to look into right that very minute. I worried that mom was inside herself, able to think clearly, but unable to communicate. I wanted someone to tell me how she felt, what she wanted.

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  • How To Knit A Triangle Shawl

    Standard triangle shawls are shaped by increasing 4 stitch on each right side row. One at the beginning, two on either side of the center stitch, and one at the end.

    The instructions below are for the most basic triangle shawl knit in stockinette stitch (knit on the right side and purled on the wrong side). You can also work the shawl in garter stitch by knitting every row (still following where the yarn overs are placed) or by alternating between stockinette and garter stitch for more textural interest.

    There are a few “set up” rows to establish the increase pattern. You will cast on 3 stitches. The first increase row (right side) will only add 2 stitches. The next RS row (Row 3) begins the 4-stitch increase pattern. On row 5 you will place stitch markers and you should be able to see the layout of the increases.

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  • Into Spring: A Crocheted Infinity Poncho Pattern

    Into Spring is a crochet pattern for an infinity scarf that transitions you to Spring by allowing you to wear it as a poncho. The buttons (which do not require planning button holes!) are sewn at the end of a simple rectangle. You choose whether to button it into a continuous loop (infinity scarf) or fold it to wear as a poncho.

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