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  • London Kaye Takes Lion Brand to Valentino in Rome!

    I was a fan of yarn bomber London Kaye before I ever met her.

    My apartment in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City is just a few blocks from an empty lot protected with a chain link fence. I learned about London when she began to utilize this fence for her installations.

    As an obsessive consumer of popular culture, fashion and, of course, all things fiber related, I fell in love with London’s witty ability to combine all of the above. I was particularly smitten with her portrait of Anna Wintour and I began to cyber stalk London on Instagram.

    Around the time we were beginning to brainstorm ideas for the annual CHA show, I saw London’s interview on Tea with Shira!

    On the episode, London explained that she’s a self-taught crocheter who knows just one stitch.  The theme of the Lion Brand booth at CHA was planned to be “Simple Reinvented” and  I thought what better way to present the theme than through London’s work. This led to the amazing opportunity to brainstorm with London on how to translate “Simple Reinvented” into a 20 by 20 foot booth.

    The concept we decided upon was to have three spinning wheels on one side of the Lion Brand booth spinning a rainbow of yarn up over the entire space then landing on a 20 foot wide yarn bombed mural of an undersea scene which London would continue to add to for the duration of the show.

    The Lion Brand booth was literally a showstopper. People stopped to watch London add mermaids, snorkelers and sea lions to the wall and Lion Brand walked away with the Best Booth Award.

    A few months ago, London contacted me to obtain yarn for a top-secret project she was doing – the window for a Valentino Boutique in Rome.  I was so excited for her and for to see the results of the intersection of high fashion and simple outsider art .

    Here are some pictures from the opening event. I think that Ms. Wintour would be proud.


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  • Our Visit And Photoshoot At Vanna White's Home

    In this post Lion Brand’s Creative Director Adina Klein shares stories and behind-the-scenes photos from her recent visit to Vanna White’s home near Los Angeles, CA. Joining her were Lion Brand’s Production Coordinator Karlye Mayer and our lovely photographer Jack.

    After twenty years, Vanna is definitely part of the Lion Brand family.  Some of us have been to her home and she's been to ours. Most recently she attended the company barbecue at our New Jersey headquarters. Going to Vanna's house is more like visiting a friend than visiting a celebrity--well, maybe, except for the fact that her house is nicer than most of our friends' houses. And even though she has a beautiful home with spectacular views, there's something so down-to-earth about it--just like Vanna.  Vanna even made us breakfast and let us into her closet to pick clothes for her for the shoot.

    You'd think her closet would be filled with glamorous gowns, but it was actually filled with an assortment of jeans, slacks, sweaters and t-shirts! We hung out in her bedroom, playing with her cat, Stella, while she had her hair done. We walked around the house, while she got dressed, looking for great spots to photograph.  In case you couldn't tell, we felt right at home.  You'd never know she is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world!

    One thing we love about Vanna is that she's always calm, always gracious, and always kind.  It made it a lot easier for us to get great photos of her because she puts everyone at ease.  Now that we're back home, we'll be editing the photos and finalizing the patterns for the beautiful afghans and garments we shot and soon you'll see the results of the day we spent with Vanna.

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  • Eight Arms to Love You With: My Daughter's Halloween Costume


    My daughter loves octopuses (or is it octopi?) and is almost never caught without holding one of her 7 stuffed octopuses or wearing one of her growing closet of socks and tees.  When I saw this pattern for an octopus costume there was no contest as to what she wanted to be.  She got so excited and immediately asked that it be made in her favorite colors: purple and "lellow" (yellow) with pink spots.

    Crocheting the entire thing would be a feat that would've taken more than a month’s planning.  And while I could quilt, the pattern was beyond my skill level.  Thankfully Jackie, our Technical Editor, was an expert seamstress and offered to help out.   Since I love creating new things using yarn, I wanted to add some personal handmade touches.

    But I also didn’t want it to be just handmade – I wanted it to sparkle and glitter.

    When I first saw the pattern I immediately wanted crocheted medallions for the suckers and the spots.
    Vanna’s Glamour fit perfectly with what I wanted, and her mustard gold yarn went well with the deep purple velvet fabric.  Soon I was swept up in a creative moment and started picking out more colors like light gold and pink, which would give the costume a cool, colorful, and textured look.  Even Michala, our Design intern, found it so adorable that she also wanted to assist.  Since I knew she was fast crocheter, I asked if she could make some medallions whenever she had free time.

    By the time I looked away, I found a pile of medallions of varying sizes already on the table.  She even had extra time to crochet the eyes and a pink bow too!

    Then I saw Martha Stewarts CraftsTM/MC Glitter Eyelash yarn and it all came together.  The sparkly polka dots, the giant eyes with purple eyelashes, even the pink bow on its head. When I showed my daughter the finished product she couldn't wait to get it on her.

    Michala crocheting away The growing pile of octopus spots Sewing it altogether
    Michala crocheting away The growing pile of octopus spots Sewing it altogether.

    The only bad (or good) part will be trying to take it off her once Halloween’s over.

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