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At Holiday Time, Discover the Lion Brand Outlet

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At Holiday Time, Discover the Lion Brand Outlet

At Holiday Time, Discover the Lion Brand Outlet with great finds, low prices, and gifts for the holiday season! The outlet has everything you need and more for that special knitter or crocheter in your life! Whether you need a quick knitting or crochet kit to gift or a handmade item already knit up, we promise you will find something that fits your budget.

Must-Have Reads

Those who visit the outlet might be surprised with the selection of books we carry. Grab them while you can as we have a variety of books that range from knitting and crochet patterns to knit-inspired coloring books. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn a special knit stitch, create home decor, or wanted to learn how crochet cute stuffed animals, the books at the outlet are invaluable!

LB Collection Yarn: Luxury & Natural Fibers

Many people may be surprised that Lion Brand doesn’t just have acrylic yarns. At the outlet, you can also get your hands on some of our exclusive LB Collection luxury fibers! From wool’s to silks, the vibrant colors and oh so soft feel will have you drooling over your next project!



Procrastination 101

Have the days just slipped by and you’ve waited last minute to stock up on gifts for the family? Look no further, Lion Brand to the rescue! Here at the outlet near the very back of the store, you will find samples of knitted garments, hats, scarves, and even cozy blankets!




Where’s the Gift Wrap?

Right before checking out, don’t forget to stock up on our festive gift wrapping paper appropriate for any occasion. Our knit and crochet inspired wrapping paper will definitely impress family and friends! It will also add that special touch needed for those crafter’s in our lives.



Comment below and let us know what you look forward to picking up at the outlet during your next visit! We would love to know what sort of yarns get you excited and what brings you to the store.

Don’t forget to say hi to us either! Sandy & Angela will be more than happy to help you look for exactly what you need for the holiday season!

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  • Where is the Outlet website?

  • It’s such an unfair tease for those of us who live across the country to see these ads for the Outlet – because there is no way for us to go there and see (AND SHOP!!!) there! And, I guess since no merchandise shown separately, there are no online sales from the Outlet, right?

    Getting to NYC is a dream – but I doubt I’ll ever get back there….I did love previous visit to NYC – but at the time knew nothing about Lion Brand or your Outlet – or I surely would have checked it out!

  • What is your address? Is the outlet in the NYC store?

  • I have been over and over your as re: 5he Lion Brand outlet store, but nowhere can I find the location, am I missing something?

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