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At Gift Giving Time, Don’t Forget The Pet!

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At Gift Giving Time, Don’t Forget The Pet!

For most people, pets are part of the family.  They have their own individual personalities that the family has come to know and love, and in return, their pet loves them back just as much (if not more).

Pets can’t tell you what they want for the holidays, so it helps to have some ideas on what to give your “furry family member.”

Here are some great dog sweater patterns, starting with an easy knitted number modeled by a Boston terrier who is part of my extended family.  He was extremely nervous on the day of the shoot and breathing heavily, hence the extended tongue.

Knit Need for Tweed Dog Sweater Crochet Striped Dog Sweater Knit City Stripes Dog Sweater
Knit Need for Tweed Dog Sweater in Wool-Ease®
Thick & Quick®
Crochet Striped Dog Sweater in Wool-Ease®
Thick & Quick®
Knit City Stripes Dog Sweater in
Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®

For the cats in your life, please do not attempt a sweater! You may have seen adorable-looking images of cats wearing knitted and crocheted garments all over the Internet but these will not make most cats happy.

Instead, here are some patterns that will have your felines purring in delight:

Cats can be bored easily, so here’s a bouncy toy you can crochet quickly and easily for instant entertainment. Crochet Door Hanger Bouncy Toy
Amigurumis, like this mouse toy, make great toys you can stuff with catnip: Knit Mis Mousie
They may not look like they appreciate your crochet
skills on this afghan, but inside they are thinking “Purrfect.”
Crochet Pet Afghan

Enjoy the holidays and don’t forget the pet!

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