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Around the Office: Studio Sheep & Llamas

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Around the Office: Studio Sheep & Llamas

Here at Lion Brand, we appreciate a little fun, and many of us collect whimsical objects to keep around our offices: I keep photos and buttons from all of the different yarn events I’ve attended on my bulletin boards, David collects lions of all sorts, Jess makes and keeps sea creatures on her desk, and there are lots of other cute and quirky examples.

If you’ve ever been to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, you may have seen our friends the Studio Squirrels, but very few people know about the secret herd of sheep and llamas in the Studio’s office.

Contributed by various members of the staff (I brought the wooden llama wearing the yellow hat back from my last San Diego trip) these little guys even have a whole wardrobe of coats and accessories made by the staff (that’s what’s hanging on those hooks below the shelf), the sheep and llamas range from those made of yarn or felt to the sheep-shaped needle gauge and the soap-on-a-rope black sheep hanging in the bottom part of the picture.

Want to make a lamb for your own space? Here are a couple of patterns that are adorable:

What fun, yarny goodness do you collect? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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  • That makes for a nice work environment. I love having “stuff” around me at work too. I collect anything ladybug, and I’ve just started collecting sheep stuff.

  • the picture of your sheep and llamas is the only one that didn’t download ;-( Looking forward to making the lambs for our new greatniece

    • Hi lynnek51, sorry about the image problem. It should be fixed now.

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