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Around the Office: Surrounded by Yarn

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Around the Office: Surrounded by Yarn

From some of the guys in IT to our Sales staff, there are lots of people at Lion Brand you will find with a hook or needles in hand, and we truly enjoy being around these crafts that we enjoy so much.

Recently, a group of us were in a meeting and many of us kept our hands busy by working away at knit socks, crochet scarves, and other projects. Here’s Laura at that meeting–looking particularly yarn-friendly–as she works on a scarf in Hometown USA. Yes, she’s wearing the Learn to Knit Cuffs in Hometown USA and a sweater in Fishermen’s Wool, and yes, those are photos of some of our older yarns on the wall behind her! Being bedecked in yarn suits Laura, since she’s the one providing pattern support to those of you with questions!

Do you knit and/or crochet around the office or on the go? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences!

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  • I knit at my desk when I am on lunch or break. Unfortunately I have to type/mouse constantly for my work otherwise I’d be knitting then too. I often have people stopping by my desk to ask what I am working on or comment on my current project. It’s fun!

  • I’m an English teacher, and I can’t really crochet on the job…EXCEPT in the crochet club that I started about seven years ago. In this club, I teach crochet to the students (and sometimes staff!) who want to learn. All of the students in our program are 12th graders, and the first thing they learn is how to make a classic granny square. By the spring, we put all the squares together into one or two afghans and donate them to charity. Last year, we donated two afghans to Ronald McDonald House. Then, once our charity projects are pretty much complete, the students learn how to read a pattern by each working on their own personal project of their choosing. I love sharing the art and skill of crochet with the young people that I work with! …And it gives me an excuse to crochet at work.

  • I *wish* I could crochet at work but alas it would be frowned upon, I take phone calls & type all day. 🙁 You can usually find me crocheting any other time though. Is lionbrand hiring so I can crochet all day??? 😛

  • Every single day at lunch — so I don’t kill anyone in the afternoon!! It makes all the morning stress melt away. If only I could do it during meetings!

  • I knit during the semi-annual meetings that are held in the theater. I sit near a light source and it stops me from making my usual number of snarky comments. That’s it though.

  • I knit socks, an easy transport item, at my work area, only after my current work-related projects are completed, between phone orders, etc. 🙂

  • lol, yes I crochet during lunch and breaks. Since alot of doctors are on vaction, and noone is sick during the holidays I have more time to keep my hands busy these days. I have even taught a few people on the job!

  • I knit throughout every meeting I attend. Quakers are a great knitting people – women, men and children. Lots of folks as me to knit them things. I have to stop that. I need more socks myself. I appreciate your help and suggestions, the free patterns and the move towards more earth given materials to knit. Thank you!

  • I always have a project in my bag, and I work on it whenever I get a chance. At work in the morning if I get in early, at lunch, and waiting for appointments. When I’m out with friends or family and they want to stop and run into a store for something I usually tell them to go ahead without me and take their time so I can sneak in a few rows. I know, I need help. lol

  • Now that I have time to crochet, I take it with me everywhere. I even take it to basketball games. It makes my husband mad to see me crocheting at a game, but if the game is boring I want something to do to keep me awake. LOL I just hope to learn more about crocheting. I learned a long time ago that I am more suited for that than knitting.

  • I too take a project (or two) with me where every I go. I can’t just sit so if I am in a meeting or such that I am not in charge of and do not need to be taking notes I knit.

  • I am in Afghanistan and when all systems go down I bring my projects over to my desk 😀 might as well be productive in some way.

  • I take small knitting and crochet projects to work on at my desk during slow moments or on my hour lunch break. It is also a great ice breaker with new people and being a “temp” employee it is hard to get to know people who are “regular” employees. I think Laura has my dream job! 😉

  • I always have a “portable” crochet project with me. There is a lot of wait time in my life between buses and waiting for rides. As a teacher it isn’t easy to find time “at work” but with out crochet I would never be able to get through some faculty meetings/ inservice days. I take projects that don’t require a lot of pattern reading so that I can attend to what is being said and if something important is said, I can put down my work and take notes… and then pick it up again.
    And for the more complicated patterns – that is what I use as a stress reliever when I get home.

  • I am a disabled Vet and I knit or crochet at the VA hospital while waiting for my appointments I also have a to go bag with a project in it reaady to go at all times so if I have wait I have something to work on. If I am traveling I knit or crochet as long as I dont have to drive.

  • Yes, I crochet during my lunchtime. I go to the lobby, find a cozy corner and crochet. I find it very relaxing and some other co-workers have joined me. We have learned stitches from each other and now learning to knit.

  • I’m a librarian, and I knit during every meeting at work. It helps me listen better to have my hands occupied. It’s the productive form of doodling! I okayed it with our director ahead of time, and she’s really easygoing about people knitting or crocheting. Sometimes at our all staff meetings, there are at least 10 of us doing our needlecraft!

  • As a nurse I don’t have much time to knit at work but I love to make hats for our babies-got about one hundred done last year. I will bring them with me and knit on break or lunch. I even had one grandmother bring in some yarn for me to make more baby hats!

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