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Arm Knit a Colorblocked Scarf with Audra Kurtz from The Kurtz Corner!


Today, we've got a brand new Arm Knitting video for you from Audra Kurtz! Watch as she shows you how to achieve a color blocked scarf in the super popular, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. Follow the video to the end and check out the rest of her fantastic Arm Knitting tutorials!


If you like this tutorial, check out the rest of Audra's videos on her YouTube channel!

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  • Debbie


  • Renee Williams

    Thank you so much for teaching this method so clearly. Not only do I learn a new technique, it makes knitting with needles easier to understand. I have always struggled with the space between the needles because I could never make my stitches consistently even. Now, not only do I know why that happened, I can make the necessary adjustment to make my stitches even and consistent.

  • Kelios

    I love the idea of arm knitting, but so far all the videos I've seen are done by people with very small arms (at least compared to mine) and it makes a huge difference in the way the scarf looks ie terrible. Any suggestions for compensating for this effect?