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Are You A Star Contributor?

You may remember when we introduced our first “Star Contributor” Grace Jones, who contributes so much to our communities on Ravelry, Facebook, listens toand comments on our podcasts and has visited the Lion Brand Studio.  This month Grace wrote a blog post on her own blog about a summer top she crocheted with Cotton-Ease.

Are you a “Star Contributor?”  Do you connect with Lion Brand through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Ravelry?  Do you read our newsletter, comment on our blog, and listen to our podcast?  If so, feel free to nominate yourself or a friend by commenting here or emailing me at  If you are chosen, we will write about you on our blog, send a thank-you basket of yarn samples, and you’ll get 2 free tickets to the exciting Maker Faire event coming to New York for the first time this September.  Most importantly, we like to recognize publicly, the contributions made by those who share their knowledge, their interest and their love of yarn with others in our community.

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  • Thanks again for the yarn Lion Brand!! I made an awesome squishy Marsan Watchcap (pics on my Ravelry page) in Organic Wool.

    I’m more of a knitter than a crochetter, but I love how that crochet top turned out and it was so fast. I highly recommend it. There are also veriations of the same pattern for Cotton Bamboo and Microspun.

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