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Are You a Granny Person or a Ripple Person?

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Are You a Granny Person or a Ripple Person?

Two of the most popular types of crochet afghans are granny square and ripple afghans. Does the preference for one over the other say something about you? Tell us which you prefer!

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  • You asked which afghan I prefer. That is hard to give an answer. I first learned the granny square and that satisfied me for a while. I was also able to use up my yarn scraps, which are always immense. I also enjoy doing ripples. I remember my mother making a ripple afghan back in the forties and was always in admiration of this afghan. I once had her pattern, but, somehow it has gone by the wayside. Some of today’s ripple afghans have changed stich-wise, but the look is the same. I believe it takes me longer to do a ripple afghan, due to all the counting, than a granny square afghan. Which do I prefer? Either. It just depends on the colors available.

  • I taught myself to crochet and knit about 30 years ago. I like crocheting better and have made many different things. A lot of them were used for wedding or baby showers. I like the ripple afghan better. I think it is easier and I like the mix of colors. I also like the granny squares because I can use up my yarn ends but I do have a little trouble putting the squares together. Maybe working together will help. So either one is good for me.

  • I much prefer the Ripple Afghan, and that is the one I always crochet for my family members. I enjoy using colors shading from dark to light and seeing them flow together in the Ripple pattern. Plus they are quick to make!

  • I first learned granny squares and still like them the best.

    My sister does ripple afghans for family and friends and got me started (it’s as easy as pie!!).

    Well, it took me ten years to finish one afghan for my daughter. I kept putting it down and then getting lost in the pattern.

    Nope – it’s granny for me – preferably one big square for an afghan -I hate sewing them together!

    Judith Lasker

  • I like the granny squares, I think it’s really fun to play with colors and highlighting using two or three colors or shadings and a couple of neutrals (usually black and while but could also be brown and off-white). It’s really interesting to see the characteristics of your finished work POP!

  • The first thing I learned to crochet was a granny square.I’m still doing them today,I like grannies because they are “portable” projects.

    Not to get off topic,has anyone tried knitting a ripple afghan?I wanted to try one and even have a pattern,but I don’t have the time or concentration to be able to knit or crochet a ripple.

  • I learned the granny when I was 13 and that was waaaaay too many years ago. My wonderful grandmother taught me and she could not follow a pattern that was written, but give her a piece of crochet and she could reproduce it in no time. What an amazing woman. I love the granny and have taught it in the past at the Markham Guild of Village Crafts (just a bit north and east of Toronto, ON Canada) and called the class – Not your Grannie’s Granny.
    I love the amazing things you can do with just one pattern – monotone, tone on tone, 2,3,4, etc colours, outline all in black, or change it completely with outline all in white or cream. Granny ghans or scarves or skirts or vests in worsted weights or sport; change to baby yarn and it all becomes more delicate; change to thread weight and you have table cloths or room dividers or skirts or vests with real substance and antique inspiration. How about adding some novelty yarn into some of the rounds. WOW ! There is absolutely no end to what you can do with the Granny. I just cannot drive and crochet at the same time. I can hardly wait for the Jetson’s travel to become a reality.

  • I would rather knit the ripple, but own the granny…especially the colorful one you posted!

  • I haven’t yet done the typical granny square, but I do love squares in general because they are easier to work on on the go, plus every time I finish a square I feel like I’ve finished something, so that keeps me going, but I do love ripples. So I think that answer is I don’t really know.

  • Grannies, grannies, grannies!

    I <3 grannies!

  • I love ripples! I love grannies! My favorite pattern is actually called a granny ripple. So I like it when I can combine the both of two worlds. But I constanatly find myself back to crocheting granny squares and hexagons, I’d probably crochet them in my sleep.

  • I love both the Granny Square (which I learned to make as a child) and the Ripple pattern (but ONLY made in double crochet – too slow otherwise) – but my new favorite pattern is a combination of the granny with the ripple!! It works up so fast and it’s just lovely. I also found a pattern a year or so ago that makes a rectangular granny instead of just square – so it’s perfect for making a continuous afghan rather than the smaller squares which need to be joined! I LOVE CROCHET!!!!

  • I perfer the ripple afghan. I like it because I like the ocean, and the ripple reminds me of the ocean, no matter what color you use. I also find it less work than the granny. Even though I love the granny as well. The granny is more like a tradition in crocheting history. Both the ripple and the granny square afghan make nice gifts in any given day.

  • I like both ripples and grannies. I admit to learning afghans with the granny squares first, as a teenager. I have no preference, though. It all depends on my mood at the time. 🙂

  • Hi

    I like the ripple afghan, but I sometimes get confused when I have to keep counting the correct stitches. I prefer to make a afghan that you don’t have to keep counting. I like making an afghan that doesn’t have to have different stitches, that way I can do a row without really concentrating on it.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  • I love grannies so I guess that makes me a granny person. I am putting the border on a black and gray granny afghan now.

  • I absolutely love grannies because they are portable. However, i love the outcome of a ripple, but if i am not paying attention, i sometimes miss the peaks and valleys and have to rip out 1-2 rows to correct. Grannies are easier to notice a mistake while you are making it. I recently made the “chocolate covered cherries” grannie square afghan with jiffy and it turned out beautifully. The “circle in a square afghan” made with homespun is still my favorite grannie-square variation!

  • both designs are lovely. but granny is convenient when i bring my children to piano lessons, soccer practice and games as well as swimming lessons. one piece afghans was too much bother for me. that’s why i am also favoring mile a minute designs due to portability.

  • I do enjoy both. I like the way the colors flow in both designs. Like others have said, I do like the portability of the granny. I read someone does a rectangle shaped granny, I would really be interested to know where to get that pattern!

    So I guess my vote is…..either one!

  • I prefer the Grannie Afghan; I, too, learn to make this kind of afghan when I began crocheting. I also knit and am working n a dog sweater at the present time, using Fun Fur yarn for the body and regular yarn for the upper body, legs and turtle neck.

  • I like the ripple best. I am a person that I just hate putting the squares to gether. I don’t mind doing one big grannie.


  • Ripple, definitely. If I make granny squares they just pile up – never get sewn together, though I have crocheted them together before.
    If preference for one or the other says something about us… Ripplers apparently like peaks and valleys. Maybe they enjoy exploring country roads. Granniers like – going around in circles. ;^) They like coming back home, or maybe are very centered people.

  • I love the granny square. What can I say, I make them big and small, plain or coloful, simple or complicative. I can make them with my eyes closed. For me its the granny square.

  • I love them both, but like the ripple more. Funny thing about that is I’ve never made a ripple but have made several granny’s. The ripple has been on my list of things to make for so long I don’t even remember when I put it there. Now I have to find the time to do it. My bedroom is going to be done in a ocean scheme and a ripple afghan would go perfectly. Maybe I will finally get one made. ;0)

  • Must be a “Kathy” thing–see above–I prefer making the ripple, but would rather own a granny! 😉 My preference is making the ripple, only because I like to have things complete as I go, and can never get myself psyched to sew the granny squares together.

  • I am a fan of both types. I have made granny squares as gifts and marvel over my late grandmothers ripple afghans. I would consider making both.

  • No question about it – I’ve always and likely always will, love the Granny Square afghan.

  • I prefer granny afghans but only know how to do ripple afghans (knitted). Someday soon I’d like to learn granny squares. My grandmother left a beautiful granny afghan that was meant to come to me. I’m saddened that it didn’t but always love my Nonna for imbuing me with the love of color and craft that now sustains me in my later years — largely because of the beauty of that granny afghan.

  • have been making granny ‘ghans and ripples in all their variations for sixty years — but gotta love the mile-a-minute for crocheting a quickie!

  • Ripple afghan is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve only made one but it was beauuutiful!

  • I perfer the Granny. I have never had luck with the ripple but I will keep trying. I am a teach myself crochet, and would love to have more time and money to do it more often.

  • I love granny squares and have used the traditional style small square or make large ones that keep going out from the center. I think I prefer granny square projects instead of ripple.

    Recently I made my first ripple stitch project…it was fun and I’ll try it again.

  • Granny Square, definetely!!

  • I’ve done both a Granny Square afghan and a couple of knit Ripple afghans. I have received compliments on both and think they are both great afghans.
    My Granny Square afghan is more of a keepsake item, because I used up all my deceased Mother’s yarn that she left to me, and the square that she crocheted is the corner stone block. I am fortunate that I came from several generations of knitters and crocheters.

  • I like to crochet them equally as well, but of these two afghans I prefer the granny. It is more rich and colorful. I think if the ripple were in the same colors as the granny, I would like it equally.

  • I love the ripple, the high’s and the lows. the way you can weave another color thru the loops to give it another layer.

    I just love it.

  • Although I do love granny squares. By far, my favorite is the ripple. Both of the afghans you have posted here are beautiful. 🙂

  • Ripple person!

  • I am definitely a granny square person. I love colours and selecting the ones for an afghan is a fun process. I find my inspiration for colour combinations in magazines and it has led me to name my afghans, like “The Thanksgiving Table” or “Hyacinth” or “Be My Valentine”. In addition, my son has had a blast playing with the multitude of squares.

  • I am motif person because I take most of my projects with me and it is easier to take yarn for a square and the finished ones are not bulky and easily managed in an office . So I guess it would be granny square person.

  • A Ripple person…Knit or crocheted….Grannies require that I SEW or crochet all the squares together and I guess I just too lazy for that…but I do love the result of others who do make them.

  • I prefer Granny Squares. My grandmother and I use to crochet them together. She taught me crochet making the Granny Square. To this day, it is my favorite, and I just found an easy way to tuck in your tails when you change colors. You begin your first stitch with a LONG tail and cut off to change color with a LONG tail. Then take a plastic large eye canvas needle and just weave in the long piece until it is pretty well tucked under and cut off the extra and it will stay PERFECT!!!! I just adore the Granny Square and I look forward to teaching my daughter when she is old enough to learn. The ripple afghan stitch is more challenging for me because you have to count in order to get the ripple to take shape. My ripple always seems to get warped somewhere in the middle and turns into a mess, but, as with crochet, the challenges are what keep our interest and continue to grow the love of the art. Happy crocheting everyone!!!

  • I love the Ripple – always use one variegated yarn and match the other colors to it. I also like to vary the width of the stripes and make the afghans double width so you can really wrap yourself in it. Grannies are nice, but I also have a problem getting them put together after construction. With the ripple, it is altogether when you are done. I have taught my granddaughter to knit and crochet and have taught several other friends to do the ripple. They have all created many beautiful hand made items.

  • I’m a knit person…I used to love to crochet, but it hurts my hands…so I would go for a Knit feather/fan pattern in lieu of the ripple…and a granny knit lace pattern in for the traditional granny square. Personally I do not like the granny square as a blanket…too many ends to secure. Makes a great trivet though.
    I also prefer to knit with cotton or animal fiber as opposed to acrylic.

  • I am currently making one big very colorful granny square as a blanket. I like how it will cover, but not too much (we live in Arizona and it gets warm around here at times. Its nice, I like it – it was also my first try at granny stitch – however not my favorite.

    Because I don’t like assembling and enjoy something that covers a little more I say ripple.

  • BOTH! Does that make me weird? 😉

  • My grandmother used to make both and my mother made a few granny square afghans. I have done both myself. For the process of making, I prefer granny square because it provides lots of opportunity for creativity. For using, I prefer ripple because it doesn’t have holes and makes a cozier blanket. I have made a more solid granny type blanket that has worked out well which you can see here:
    I like it for a baby blanket because tiny fingers and toes won’t get stuck in it as in a traditional granny square afghan.

  • I’m a Granny Square gal, always have been, always will be ever since I made my first pair of hot pants way back in 1971!!!

  • Most decidedly a ripple person, they look amazing, and they don’t look as traditional as a granny square.

  • I love them both, but I find ripple easier than granny–I still can’t manage a granny square! Maybe I need remedial lessons in granny squares. I love the colors and patterns one can incorporate into a granny square afghan, but the ripple is pleasing, too, so I enjoy them both. When do those remedial classes start?

  • I really like both. Both are very beautiful. It sure is time consuming to put all those squares together though!

  • I just learned to crochet, however, I learned so that I could make grannie square throws for my friends and family. I love them and have loved them since my great aunt made one for my grandma years ago. They are beautifully traditional, but can be made funky with different colors. I can’t wait to make my first one this year!

  • To reply to Sunshine “Not to get off topic,has anyone tried knitting a ripple afghan?” the answer is yes! I’ve knit one and found it wonderfully easy since after a few repeats I could just read my fabric rather than refering to the pattern.

    In crochet I’m all about the squares. I love the geomtric nature of them and their seemingly infinite variety.

  • I prefer to crochet in the round and I hate working a long foundation chain, so I like granny squares — especially an afghan made from one giant square. I do love the feel and look of the ripple afghan. I recently discovered a way to work ripples in the round, though — the afghan comes out looking like a spider web, or a multi-pointed star (the one I’m making has 12 points) — so I think that is my new favorite. It combines the best of both worlds!

  • The very first homemade afgan I recieved was from my older sister. It sits in my closet because it is falling apart. It is a ripple pattern. I am partial.

  • I’m a ripple person all the way! Maybe because the grandmother I bonded with as a young child crocheted quite a few of the ripple afghans. But also because I hate sewing seams and just cannot imagine creating a large stack of square which must be sewn together. I do make granny squares, but primarily to get the feel of a yarn or fill up some time when I don’t have a larger project going. One of my current projects is a lap robe made from a single square, it just keeps getting larger and changing colors.

  • I prefer any afghan worked in pieces, because I need my projects to be portable. I take my projects just about EVERYWHERE–I’ve even worked on an afghan while fishing, and during a rock concert!

  • I’d like to do a granny to get some help in joining the motifs. My seams are never neat, whether sewn or crocheted. I agree with your comments about the rich color & texture possibilities available depending on the yarns used.

  • I have never made a granny square afghan, but I think I would like to try. I have made a big granny square throw, but I’m just not sure about putting the squares together. I just love the crocheting part of the project that having to whip stitch it together would slow me down and stop my rhythm. I also don’t like how the whip stitch looks and I’m afraid it’ll come out. I guess I haven’t done it right. Anyway, because of my experience, I would have to say the RIPPLE is my favorite.

  • GRANNIES!!!! Of every shape and size. I love them square, round, triangular… traditional and funky. They’re portable, don’t require those darn Foundation Chains of Eternity and can be made into anything with any color scheme.
    And I love the analogy of Jamie #24- about being “centered” in granny or “back-roads” in ripple. Too funny! Actually, I’d say I go around in circles for as much as I drive my kids around… and always end up home. 😉

  • Grannies all the way.

  • Definitely ripples!!! Grannies are pretty, yes, but to me they take WAY too much time to make and put together (I’ve yet to finish one!!).

  • I have never done a ripple and don’t really like the look. I prefer making strips (them sewing together) or another solid. I always have 2 projects on the go, one a granny because they are so portable and forgiving over time, if you run out of a colour or if your own tightness/looseness change you can accomodate with a granny better.

  • I have made both and think they are both lovely but prefer grannies! So much can be done with a granny square to make each afghan different and personal. I don’t mind sewing all those squares together so grannies are for me!

  • I began crocheting with Granny Squares when I was around 8 or 9. I still do them occasionally and really like the look and style, but much prefer the look of a ripple afagahn these days. Although Grannies are great for working on at work during lunch, in the summer when it’s too hot for a full afaghan on your lap or when traveling.

  • Hello to Everyone, I have taken that Plain Old Ripple Afghan Pattern and gave it Color, Texture, Personality and Depth. It’s so NEW it has Never Been Sold In Stores and I had it Copyrighted in May 2007. Make any size, form a Baby to a Calif King, use any kind of yarn from baby yarn, 4 ply acrylic or try Home Spun by Lions Brand it’s Absolutely Gorgeous. My Pattern is titled;
    “Darlene’s Southwest Ripple Afghan”

  • If your interested in viewing my Pattern;

    Darlene’s Southwest Ripple Afghan Pattern.

    E-mail me at


  • I like ripples better. Grannies are a little to open for my taste, stitch wise. I just finished a bright yellow, orange and off white ripple for a church member who has cancer. I made it lapghan size.

  • I love both!!!! And it is in my next projects.

  • I made my first ripple several years ago and gave it away to may daughter. I made it large enough to be a bedspread on a king size bed.

    I have never attempted a granny square because there are so many variations on color and schemes that I have never been able to decide. I think I have a pattern somewhere that instructs you how to attach a square as you are finishing the last row which either cuts down or eliminates the sewing problem altogether.

    My favorite is the granny. I would like to try a two color granny, alternating a natural with a blue color just using two blocks for simplicity. The first block would have the first row in natural & the remaining last 5 rows of the sq. block would be in blue. The second block would be reversed. When sewed together the blocks are alternated. I have a picture of this afghan and I find the simplicity very beautiful.

    My most favorite granny pattern I saw on television while watching TV. It had only four rows in the block. The first two rows were made of contrasting bright colors and the last two rows were black. There would be a lot of sewing involved in this project because the block are smaller than the traditional, that is why I have not started it but one day I will.

    I would like to use Vanna’s Espresso instead of Black.

  • I love the ripple! I’m not fond of the way the granny squares look. I do like the look of the newer grannies where it’s one continuous square. Plus then you don’t have to sew anything together. So…ripple is definitely my favorite.

  • I’ve made at least 3 ripples – 0 granny squares. I think I’m intimidated by all the strings the grannies would have to sew in and also sewing them together.

  • I have also been intimidated by the grannies, but someday I hope to overcome my anxiety. I’ve made several ripples in various colors. I like the short, soft ripple styles. I’ve also never had much luck with the Mile-a-Minute patterns.

    I’m currently working on a “block” afghan I found on this website. The blocks are crocheted in strips and then joined. I’m so nervous about making a mistake with the join that it’s been sitting in the office for 2 months! I’m going to try another block pattern soon, but I’m playing with the idea of actually changing colors as I go so I never have to join. Wish me luck and not too many strands of color across my living room floor:)

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  • I sure wish that I could make one. I LOVE the granny squares.


  • I taught myself to knit and crochet over 40 years ago. I prefer to crochet, for me it is faster, than knitting. I love both the granny and ripple, but if I had to choose, the ripple would win. I like the versatility of the granny square, but hate sewing or crocheting together, once the ripple is finished, it done.

  • The first thing I ever crocheted was a baby afghan in ripple. I still do the same pattern and I love it. I wish I could do granny squares, but I can never get them the same size.

  • Wow, that’s a toughie! I LOVE the look of the ripple afghans and own a few, but find myself making Grannies quite often, I like them both!

  • I love the ripple because I love making baby blankets and its great to have the colors blend in a ripple- the granny square is still nice though I still remember my granny square vest we learned to make in home economics

  • I do the Granny squares. I love figuring out color schemes and patterns. They are also a good take-along project and make great wedding presents.

  • Since my grandmother taught me how to do granny squares and I have several of her granny square afghans, I would have to say I’m a granny square gal.

  • Hello Friends;

    I love to crochet and love to make both kinds and the ripples one has the colours I like to work with. However, I do make the ripple ones for families who have suffered a loss of their home to fire.Now that this topic suffered I remember having a pattern for a ripplt using squares in the pattern as well. That would be great for those of us who like to make both……hmmmmmmmmm.Thanks for asking.

    Hugs Jean

  • I am an old-fashioned girl so I prefer the granny square to the ripple. I will agree that it is wonderful to have nothing to assemble when you make a ripple afghan but I am never as pleasesd with the result as I am with one composed of granny squares. I admit that I am a yarn addict and I want to try EVERY pattern at least once.

  • I much perfer the ripple, however some advanced granny squares are fun.

  • I like the ripple better, but the granny squares are great when you just want to do something small. My grany squares usually end up in something other than an afghan.

  • Has to be Ripple for me because I don’t mind weaving in a few ends but to sew squares together is so tedious for me that I have never finished a granny square ANYTHING.
    My favorite hat is a felted earflap with dreds that I made as a joke 4 yrs ago and I LOVE IT. But for working in the barn I like a beret because it doesn’t slide over my face when I have to bend over for long periods like for working on horse feet. Also can pull it over my ears if it is bitter cold outside.

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  • I love the ripple the best, the no-increase pattern. Have to make another one shortly to get rid of lots of left over yarn. Yippee. The ripple is very warm too.

  • I like both. It all depends on my color choices
    and amount of yarn required.

  • I like either, I’ll take both.

  • I absolutely love the granny square, I guess because I grew up with it. Also for the possibilities of color being endless when you work with a granny square. It is also a great way to use up small amounts of yarn left over from other projects. I am working on a granny motif for a baby blanket at the moment. I just wish there were a neater way to crochet the squares together rather then sew them together.

  • I have one of each made by my grandmother in the 1930s/40s. Stylistically I prefer the ripple, but I wouldn’t part with either of them.

  • I like both. But I prefer the ripple.

  • from a style point of view, I love a granny. I especially love the colors in the one pictured. But I know from experience that I will make squares that will sit in a bag in the closet until my mom gets bored enough to join them all. The only thing I enjoy less than joining motifs is weaving in yarn ends. LOL

  • I love the look of ripple, but I can’t stand granny squares. I don’t know why, I just have never liked them.

  • Ripple-type altho it may not always be in a rigid ripple design (ex. waves, lacy-type

  • I love them both. With granny’s, however, I think you can be more creative with color, and with all the different join-as-you-go techniques putting them together at the end isn’t an issue. I also love all the different granny type motif’s that are out there now. I’m trying them all! I especially like the triangle and hexagon motifs. So many variations…!!
    (Clusters, popcorn & puff stitches make them fun, too!) I’ve made several ripple afghans. I like that there are more variations in the ripple pattern now, too…double crochet patterns do go more quickly than single crochet designs.
    I’ve crocheted for 50 years and love that crocheting is “coming back” and with it lots of new variations!

  • Definately a granny. Maybe because it is what I learned first and then because I really do not like to count.

  • I prefer the “granny”. Guess I like geometric over wavy. Love grannies that are worked with tonal colors but the multi-colored one are fun too.

  • Ripples for me. 🙂 I’ve never made one (crochet is difficult for me) but my Grandma made them all the time. Plus they remind me of the ocean — the movement of the waves. I guess the knit equivalent would be the feather and fan pattern? 🙂

  • I like the ripples best. Don’t like having to join the small squares. Making extra large squares is better.

  • I prefer the granny squares because I can take parts of the project to work on anywhere without having to lug everything around. Since I ride public transportation that works best for me.

  • I like both the granny and the ripple.But if I had to choose,I would choose the granny.I know they are more work,having to connect,but I love the way a granny looks and all of the colors that go into them.

  • I just finished my 1st Granny for my husband. Big guy, BIG granny, so big it hangs over the edges of my CA king bed!! (Oops!) I had a lot of fun though, and I didn’t have to sew the 99 squares. Check out Crochet Cabana, she sent me directions on the “Join As You Go” (JAYG) method. There are 2 crochet methods on the site. Just follow the pattern and pictures for assembly and with one continuous stitch you can crochet them all together! I just started crocheting again, it’s been 40 years, and it was Soooo easy and as much fun as making the squares! I’m hooked 🙂 on Grannies! Now my 6 yr old grandaughter wants one in pink that will hang over her bed like Poppa’s!

  • I prefer the look of Grannies, but hate sewing them together. I tend to lose stitches somehow on ripples, but keep doing them. I’m using the ripple knit now on a prayer shawl.

  • I love the ripples. I am a self taught crocheter and the ripple is the first afghan I made. You can use different colors or as I often do, get a varigated yarn. It works up so pretty. I am now making an afghan for one of my granddaughters. It is a varigated “banana berry” color. Lots of blues and yellows. As Angel said, it does remind you of the ocean.

  • I like both, at the moment I am knitting a throwover in squars and I would also try ripple one to

  • I if I kile the patten I would try both, at the moment I am knitting a throwover in squars and I would also try ripple one to

  • I am a granny person. I love doing the different style granny squares. Occasionally I will do a ripple but not to in love with it.

  • I just started knitting and crocheting 3 years ago. I have only made a granny square afghan with vanna’s choice. I am hopefull some day I will get to do a ripple afghan too. I love crocheting, and absolutely admire the art of chains and stitches coming together. So far I am granny person. But ofcourse putting the squares together is tedious work and I take my time. Still I love my granny:))

  • I Prefer grannies Because i could never get the hang of the ripples. and ive tried. several times

  • Granny all the way. There are so many ways to do a granny. It is so versatile.

  • good to see I’m not the only one with issues regarding sewing granny squares…I like just making one huge square

    haven’t done a ripple in a while…maybe that will be next 😉

  • I love both! The granny square was the first thing I learned to do when I learned crochet. I get ‘antsy’ at joining all the squares sometimes. The ripple on the other hand – once I get the sequence in my head – can progress mindlessly while I watch tv or have a conversation, etc.

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